A Sure Thing

(Homily Fifth Sunday, A)

A while back I was at Safeway. I noticed a line stretching into the produce section. Curious, I walked along it to see what so many people could be waiting for. You guessed it. They were buying tickets for the Washington State Lottery. Fortunately I did not see any Holy Family parishioners in the line. But I noticed the anxious expressions on people's faces, "If only I could win the lottery, all my troubles would be over."

I wanted to say to them, "I have something better you can invest your money in. It's not a one in five million chance. This is a sure thing. Invest your money in God." That is what today's first reading tells us. If we help the hungry and the afflicted, our darkness will turn into light, sadness will become like midday.

I've seen so many examples of that in my years as a priest. When we put God and the needs of his people first, everything else falls into place. Jesus calls us to Stewardship, Sacrificial Giving. It means recognizing that everything we have is from God and that we should set aside the first ten percent for him. Five percent for your parish and five percent for other charities.

I know that many of you are struggling financially and that some are advancing little by little to the goal of full tithing. On behalf of the whole parish I say "thank you." Also we want to be accountable for everything you entrust to us. For that reason this Sunday, I have asked our Pastoral Associate for Administration to give a report on how we did in 1998 and the challenges that presently face us. Please warmly welcome Mr. Greg McNabb.

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