Sessions Project

(Help for students in danger of not continuing education - Grant from John Sessions for Mary Bloom Center, Puno Peru)

Tutoring project supported by Sessions Family

Tutors and children

Each student received 4-7 hours of tutoring each week

Social Worker Rocio Carolina supervised project

University students, like Ronald, received training to be tutors

Project included meal for students and tutors

Students met at Mary Bloom Center two afternoons each week

After meal university student Graciela enjoys hot chocolate with children

Celebrating the birthday of one of Ronald's students

Session Project also included home tutoring

Visit to home of Calixto & Nancy Vilca, Chulluni

Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands, background

Home tutoring of their children, Mijael Churata with Ronaldo Vilca

Other children who received home visits & tutoring: Carolina with Rivaldo Vilca

Carolina with Agustina and her daughters Gisela and Eulalia (said Agustina, "for the first time my children are doing well in school")

With Francis & Leon

At home of Francisco & Mercedes, two of their children are in tutoring program, October 20, 2008

Roman (one of students in turtoring program) with his stepfather, Jaime, & stepsister, Soledad

Delia with son Wilson - suffers from condition of inability to contral balance

Mom with daughter and son, who has autism

Jessica with Mom, Estefania, and grandmother

Ana Maria with two of her four children

Alexandra "Sandra" with mom Nancy - a social worker who helped identify needy families

Sandra has cancer that doctors consider to be terminal

Sandra received some vitamins and food supplements from Mary Bloom Center

Sharom, student helped by Mary Bloom Center, with mom Mirta

Other university student helps with maintenance of Mary Bloom Center

Carolina with records and family data of each student

Students and tutors express gratitude to Sessions Family


Other pictures from 2008 Visit

Pictures from 2007 Visit




Earthquake Relief