Pictures from Peru

(Mary Bloom Center, August 2003)

With Luz, Lucho and Melani at Basilica of Copacabana

Fr. Faustino Pari, baptizing, August 3, 2003, Ilave

Fr. Faustino Pari, at "Library" (study hall) built with help from St. John Parish, Seattle

Some families, youth and catechists in Ilave

San Miguel Church, Ilave, with repaired roof

San Miguel (St. Michael the Archangel)

Jesus, the Just Judge

Santa Barbara Church, Ilave

Sor Maritza (Vincentian Daughter of Charity) with Francisca, a girl whose mother died in childbirth

Fr. Phil Bloom with Francisca

Sor Grimalda teaching Francisca

Sor Maritza visiting ill orphan girl

Pictures from Encuentro (August 8-10, 2003)

Pictures from Wedding of Lucho & Luz (January 31, 2003; Puno, Peru)

Santa Catalina, Arequipa (+ Lima, Ancon)

Pictures from Oct - Nov 2001 Visit (with Fr. Bill McKee and St. John Parishioners)

Pictures of Earthquake Relief (October 22, 2001; Saguaya)

Pictures from 2000 (by Georgina Rea)

November 1999 Fotos

Other Recent Fotos (Orphan Girls, etc.)

Pictures added January 2000

Picture of Baby Francisca

Sí a La Vida Campaign

Letter from Georgina

Pictures from Visit of Frs. Narciso & Faustino (February 2001)

Pictures from June-August 1998 (by Denis Bruneau)

Can you help this child? (Photo by Lucrecia Perez)

Mary Bloom Staff and Volunteers with Banner (May 1999)

Pictures of Visit of Luz Marron and Melani to Holy Family (March 2002)

Fotos de 1997 Visita

Fotos de Mary Bloom.
Mary Bloom en el Perú.
Fotos del Centro Mary Bloom, 1995.
Noviembre 1996
Retiro con Instructoras
Examen Médico.
Pictures of Navidad en el Centro Mary Bloom

Construcción del nuevo centro

Nuevo Centro. (Inagurado 26 de junio de 1998)

Artículo en Periódico Norteamericano sobre el Centro Mary Bloom

Fotos del Nuevo Centro

Una Noticia Trágica

Inauguración del Nuevo Centro (Obispo Carrión, 26 de junio de 1998)

Pictures from May 2001 Halibut Fishing Trip (May 29, 2001)

Can you help this man? Peruvian Burn Victim, Fidel Quezada Borda: