Pictures from Peru Delegation

Pilgrimage to Peru (December 28, 2014 - January 26, 2015)

Miami Airport, Dec 29

Justin with Vincent from Montreal (he joined us for Mass in airport)

After Mass at Chapel of St. Martin de Porres, Dec 30

L-R: Pam Johnson, Fr B, Julissa Anguiano, Justin Milne

Tomb of St. Martin

Tower of Dominican Monastery

View of city from tower

Dome of Santo Domingo Church

Courtyard of monastery

Cerro San Cristobal (St. Christopher Hill)

maps of Lima in tower

Lunch after Mass & tour

on way from Arequipa to Puno, Jan 2 (vicuñas)

with driver & daughter

Trip to Floating Islands (Uros) Jan 3

Returning to Mary Bloom Center

Lunch at Mary Bloom Center after visit to Uros

with Alicia and her son Alejandro

Blessing after Mass (Ilave, Jan 4)

with Fr. Pedro Siguayro after Mass at Ilave

Fr. Edgar (parochial vicar) - gift of stole

Visit to Missionary Sisters of Charity in Juli

Graciela receiving Sisters' roses

Sor Maria, Facunda & Sor Liz at girls orphanage

Donation of Medical Implements - Obst. Luz Marron (Director of Mary Bloom Center)

Vacation Bible School (Jan 5-9)

teaching to use dental floss

Melani teaching story of David & Goliath

Book donated by friend of Lynn

Pam & Melani teaching Bible

Jan 6: Taking down Nativity Scene

Dr. Ana giving Child Jesus to Justin

Tour of Sillustani (near Puno) Jan 7

Lunch at Mary Bloom Center

Yesica Veronica

Pam showing Luciana how to thread needle


Luz with Maria Fernanda & Yaneth





Song - "Only a Boy Named David"

Yaneth with new "madrina" (godmother) Pam

L-R: Julissa, Maria, Justin, Luz Marina, Pam, Yaneth, Maria Fernanda, Fr Felipe, Felipe, Luz

Enjoying dessert at Ekeko Restaurant

Gifts for Sor Liz & Sor Maria from Justin

gift of chocolates

At home of Moises & Eugenia (parents of Allan & Yanet)

bathroom fixture purchased by 2014 delegation

Justin, Melani & Julissa practicing new song

Maruja (after exam) treating bruise suffered from fall from motorcyle

teaching flossing

Melani with little Milagros


Dayana & Milagros


Gladys & Marco


Julissa with Shano & Milagros (siblings)

Alan & Yanet

3 Miguels (brothers), Gabriel behind them




Sarai & Deysi



Melani teaching Bible story (while girls braid her hair)


Justin & Graciel teaching

Group picture with new baseball caps (at orphanage)

Pam with little Milagros

Pam giving medical supplies to Dr. Ana

Justin with Suhey & Alexis

Teaching "Only a Boy Named David"

Questions for children


Farewell Party, Jan 9, with completed towels

Visit to hospital patient

Justin & Melani playing catch with girls outside hospital

Justin teaching Chaplet of Divine Mercy to children

Yesica Veronica and mom Estefania


Rufino, Gladys, Francisco &


Fr. Bob with family of Felipe & Maria

Fr. Bob at Mary Bloom Center

Sharom & Mirtha

Pre-Natal Exam - Sulma

Services of Mary Bloom Center

Justin teaching Karina

Huancane, Santiago Church, Jan 18

Prayers for Healing after Mass

Fr. Edgar Maquera


Bambi's grandfather?

Lechuza vs Buho (Barn Owl - Eagle Owl?)

Luz Marina, Yaneth, Justin

Maria Fernanda & Yaneth

Visiting Marisol

with her sister-in-law, Brigida

MBC children practicing dance

mom with "three Michaels"

Certificates for "Escuela de Padres" (School for Parents)

Kaypacha Ayni: Dr. Ana, Yolanda, Giovana, Yhis, Liliana, Marianela




Entrance to Salcedo

Puno Cemetery (Maryknoll plot)

Tomb of Fr. Joseph "Pepe" Loits

Fr. Vicent Conaughy, M.M. (I was there when he died at Maryknoll House in Puno)

Puno Cemetery - looking toward Lake Titicaca

Tenth Anniversary Blessing for Rufino & Gladys

Enjoying watermelon with Mary Bloom children

Marisol with Dr. Ana

Farewell dances, Jan 23

Sister Nydia, Seraphim, Juan (at Military Hospital in Lima), Jan 25

Sister Carmen Rosa Callomamani

Sor Cati

She is new superior since death of Sor Miguelina

Sor Solange

(from Haiti, works in Peru)

Sister from Puno

Bishop Raimundo Revoredo Ruiz, C.M.

Pictures below are from Justin's camera (professional quality)


Dr. Ana counseling a young couple

Justin with Sor Liz & Sor Maria

Bob Lindenau children with baseball caps


Julissa at orphanage

Sebastian & Sofia (engaged couple from Germany), Soledad, Julissa, Pam

Sebastian & Sofia, Karina, Julissa, Pam

Luz Poma & Julissa

Luz Marina


Shopping in Puno

with Karina & Gina at Puno Wharf

Melani & Julissa


Luis Felipe


Alicia & Alejandro

New Church in Ichu

Felipe's New Home

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

with gratitude to Mary Bloom Center donors


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