Jairo, studying to become a chef, with help of Denis & Liane Bruneau via Melvin Bloom Fund

Jairo, with Jenna Grothe, Parque Kennedy, Lima, Oct 7, 2008

Daughter of Charity, Sor Maria Luisa, Pisco (site of school destroyed by August 15, 2007 earthquake)

Children practicing dance, Pisco, October 8, 2008

With Fr. Vicente, Pastor of San Clemente, Pisco

Bamboo church constructed in Pisco

with architect

Sor Maria Luisa with family helped by Daugthers of Charity

Other family helped by Daughters of Charity

Fidel, burn victim helped by Mary Bloom Center

Obst. Luz Marron with Aurelia & daughter Leidy

Tutoring project supported by Sessions Family

Visit to home of Calixto & Nancy Vilca, Chulluni

Home tutoring of their children, Mijael Churata with Ronaldo Vilca

Carolina with Rivaldo Vilca

Carolina with Agustina with daughters Gisela and Eulalia

With Francis & Leon

Alexandra "Sandra" with mom Delia

Sandra has cancer that doctors consider to be terminal

Delia with son Wilson - suffers from condition of inability to contral balance

Retreat for Mary Bloom Center staff & volunteers, Oct 10-11, Chucuito

Presentation by Bendictine Father Simon Pedro

Mass at Benedictine Monastery, Chucuito (10 miles from Puno)

Visit to Trout Project in Chucuito

Mass at Puno Orphanage

with servers

Rosary after Sunday Mass


Sor Maritza showing new roof and solar water heaters

Ana Maria with two of her four children

With Grace and her daughter Milagros, Puno Hospital

Milagros at Mary Bloom Center with Luz Marron

At home of Francisco & Mercedes, two of their children are in tutoring program, October 20, 2008

Roman (one of students in turtoring program) with his stepfather, Jaime, & stepsister, Soledad

Visit to Simon and Justina, Pilcuyo, October 21, 2008

With help of Georgina Rea and others, Mary Bloom Center has purchases colostomy bags for Justina

Luz Marron with Justina and Simon in front of their home

Several years ago Mary Bloom purchased fow them a cow that recently gave birth to the calf on the left: