Pictures from Peru

(from Mary Bloom Center January, 2007)

Mary Bloom Center (corner of Tacna and Caraballa in Puno)

Mary Bloom Center Team with 2006 Summary of Activities

L-R: Eugenia Ancco (bookkeeper), Fr. Phillip Bloom (president), Obst. Luz Marron (director), Dr. Oscar Vilca, M.D., Obst. Irenia Paucar, Foto by Isaias Roque (guardian, pictured above)

Sister Martiza Chambilla, Obst. Luz Marron, Melani & Orphan Girls of Puno

Edwin Laura Ticona, Lourdes, Ana Luz, Roger Mamani Choque & Isabel with Guinea Pigs (source of protein for diet in orphanage)

Ana Luz Peņa Alanoca, Lourdes Peņa Alanoca & Isabel Cama de la Cruz

L-R: Mari Useca Cama, Delia Condori Ramos, Vanessa Caccus Condori & Medali Quispe Chambi (Orphanage run by Daughters of Charity, Puno)

Monica Yanapa & Ana Luz Peņa

Isaias, Paola and Imasumac, Ichu (Lake Titicaca in background where Isaias has trout farm cage)

With Fr. Narciso Valencia at Regional Seminary, Chucuito

Juan Diego, Albina, Guadalupe and Pablo

Luz (wife of Dr. Oscar Vilca) and her English class

Hilda Ventura and Francisca (Swiss woman married to Peruvian) - Women's Group in Juliaca

Brigida Ventura Lupaca & son Alvaro

Mirta Frisancho & daughter Sharom

Teofila Angelica Ochochoque & daughter (a very strange accident)

Rufino, Gladis and Francisco

Dr. Oscar Vilca giving course on physical, emotional and spiritual health

Woman with son in Juliaca Prison

Irenia, Percy and daughter

Baptism of Kimberly Roxana



Melani, Janine & Felipe

Toys for Peru

Distribution of toys collected by Holy Family Students

Ander Huallpa Ramos

Abraham Yucra Llanque

Ana Luz Mamani

Sofia Noemi Ramos

Yesica Oha Cutimbo

Distribution of toys for Juan David Maquera's rural pre-school
(Juan David was severely burned by a stove explosion when he was six years old)

Irenia, Graciela Maquera, her uncle Juan David and Eugenia

Yesica Veronica Condori (b. Nov 27, 1993, Ilave) her mom Estefania and her grandmother

Pictures from Peru 2006

March 18 Cathedral Walk

Holy Year Pilgrimage to St. James Cathedral

Holy Family Parish Luau (June 5, 2004)

2006 March for Life

Fabian, Planned Parenthood Puppy:

A Passion Which Transforms

Homily mentioning class reunion

Holy Week 2006 Pictures:

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Pictures from July 2007 Class Reunion