Pictures from Peru 2006

(Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru)

Mary Bloom Center children receiving rosaries & crosses from Holy Family 3rd and 4th graders:

Award from Peruvian Journalist Association given to Mary Bloom Center, April 21, 2006:

Luis Felipe Ponce de Leon Marron, with mom, Luz Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center):

Janine Ponce de Leon Marron:

Escuela de Padres:

Daughters of Charity - Sor Maritza, Sor Elizabeth, Sor Fanny, Sor Estrella:

Isaias, Paola & Imasumac:

Lidia (broken arm immobilized for lack of treatment):

Lucho Ponce de Leon & Janine:


Sharom & mom:

Sharom & Melani:

Young couple consulting with Obst. Irenia Paucar:

Francisca & friend:

Daughters of Charity:

Fr. Phil Bloom with orphan girls:

Melani & Felipe:

Michael & Danitza (engaged couple who help at Mary Bloom Center):

Skating with Melani:

Luz Marron helping family with school supplies:

Praying at the site of Cesar Palacios´ Death:

Janine Ponce de Leon:

Trout Farm on Lake Titicaca:

Luis Felipe Ponce de Leon:

Luz, Esther & Isaias;

Retreat at Chucuito:

Chucuito Seminary: Hernán Colca & Juan Raúl Oscamayta (seminarians aided by Stanwood/Camano Knights of Columbus) Fr. Narciso Valencia, Seminary Rector

Nicolas Mamani (seminarian aided last year by Stanwood/Camano Knights)

Lunch at Chucuito Seminary

Fr. Raymond receiving chalice donated by Carmen Larson:

Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion of Isaias Roque:

Mass at University of Altiplano Hospital (where Mary Bloom Center has weekly outreach to university students)

Room reserved for Mary Bloom Center consultations with students:

Pharmacy at University (lady at my right is the pharmacist):

University of Altiplano Hospital

In front of Science Faculty (the University of Altiplano has fifteen thousand students):

At Juliaca Jail

Chanu Chanu district of Puno

Celebrating my birthday (I will be sixty in September):

Family assisted by Mary Bloom Center:

Lucho Ponce & daughter Janine:

Luz & daughter Melani having some fund

Nora (a young mom helped by Mary Bloom Center)

Lunch at Puno Orphanage

Award from Peruvian Journalists:

Dinner with Melani

Eugenia Ancco (part time bookkeeper at Mary Bloom Center)

Irenia Paucar (full time instructor and obstetrician/midwife)

Irma Ticona (volunteer)

Irma has been a long time volunteer at Mary Bloom Center. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer. The Mary Bloom Center is helping with her treatment. She has to go to Lima every three months for follow-up on her chemotherapy.

Isaias Roque (guardian, part time worker & volunteer at Center)

Luz Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center)

Escuela de Padres (school for parents) at Mary Bloom Center

Puno Hospital (maternity ward)

Escuela de Padres at Mary Bloom Center

Nora with her children and sister

Melani on Ferris Wheel

Lucho & Janine

Melani & Felipe

Sharom with mom, aunt & grandmother

Holy Week 2006 Pictures:

March 18 Cathedral Walk:

Holy Year Pilgrimage to St. James Cathedral

2004 Cathedral Walk

Holy Family Parish Luau (June 5, 2004)

2006 March for Life

Fabian, Planned Parenthood Puppy:

A Passion Which Transforms