Pictures from Peru

(June, July 2005)

Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru

Burn victim Fidel Quesada with daughter Anna & Fr. Phil Bloom

Fidel's hand after operation

New Computer for Center, total cost $460, includes color printer

Children of Barrio Señor de Huanca, Puno, after two day course for mothers

Rosaries donated by Holy Family Third Grade and John Carr

Puno Orphanage after Mass of Saints Peter and Paul

Orphan girls wearing T-shirts donated by St. John Parish, Seattle

Sisters who care for Puno Orphanage: Sor Clarissa, Sor Maritza, Sor Solange, Sor Elizabeth, Hna. María Luisa

Seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Chucuito

Family of Ricardo Laura, Ichu

Ricardo´s daughters at Ichu Festival

Isaias Roque at Ichu Church, Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Karol Imasumac and her mom, Paola

Imasumac and her parents, Isaias & Paola

Melani & Janine

Melani & Felipe


Janine´s first bath

Lucho Ponce & Family, Copacabana

Breakfast, Luz & Felipe

Lucho, Luz & Family, Copacabana in background

Lucho & Felipe climbing Way of Cross

Melani, Felipe & Lucho, Seven Sorrows of Virgin Mary

Sunset at Copacabana, Lake Titicaca

Melani & Nate

Bolvia - Peru border, Kasani

Melani & Felipe, shrine at Kasani

Sisters of Pomata: Sor Martha, Sor Barbara, Sor Carmelo, Hna. Jaquelín

St. Vincent de Paul, Founder of Daughters of Charity (Vincentian Sisters)

Celebration for Tenth Anniversary of Mary Bloom Center

Monseñor Robert Hoffmann, M.M., at Anniversary Celebration

Rufino, Gladys & son Francisco

Wedding of Rufino and Gladys

Baptism of Francisco

Mirta Frisancho & Daughter Sharom

Sharom: blocked ear since birth

Baptism of Sharom (July 17, 2005)

Baptism of Karol Imasumac

Baptism of Janine and Felipe

Dinner with Melani

Escuela de Padres (Course for Coordinators, July 14-16)

Mass with Monseñor Jorge Carrion, Bishop of Puno: Lilian, Dr. Olga Gutierrez, Mnsr. Carrion, Fr. Bloom, Luz Marron

First Communion of Michael


Picture from 2004 visit