Pictures from Peru

Conference on Human Love and Sexuality (July 8-10, 1999)

Orphan girl

Orphan Girls shampooing hair

Demolition work

Play Time

Little Melany and Orphan Girl

Orphan Girls Playing

Melany on Mothers Day

Garden at Mary Bloom Center


Francisco Condori, born with spina bifida condition which caused paralysis from waist down. The Mary Bloom Center has been assisting him with various medical needs

Francisco with his father, Lidia Quispe, Lucrecia Perez and Obst. Luz M. Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center)

(fotos by Georgina Rea, May 1999)

Other Mary Bloom Center Pictures:

Bishop Jorge Carrion celebrating Mass at Inauguration of New Mary Bloom Center

Retreat with Fr. Bob Hoffmann

Breastfeeding and other courses

Children of Mary Bloom Center

February 1998 Visit of Fr. Gary Gordon

March 18, 1998 Newspaper Article on Denis & Liane's Work at MBC

Pictures from June-August 1998 (by Denis Bruneau)

August 1998 Retreat with Fr. Bob Hoffmann, M.M.

Pictures of Teaching Natural Family Planning at Mary Bloom Center

Pictures of Clothes Distribution (October 1998)

New Baby in Puno!

What is the Mary Bloom Center?