Correct Way to Detect Fertility

Hi Fr. Bloom,

I was just reading some of your website. It's GREAT! I came across a couple things on NFP that should be clarified. You have written with reference to making mucus observations : "examing it between thumb and index finger". This is not part of the authentic Billings Method. The scientific evidence from Dr. Odeblad does not support this. Those methods that advocate stretching the mucus between thumb and index finger have distorted the lifelong research of Professor Erik Odeblad on the cervix and the cervical mucus. There is no reason or need to do this.

Also, you make reference to observing the AMOUNT of mucus: "abundant or scant?" . This again is not part of the BOM. Professor Odeblad as well as the Drs. Billings have found time and time again that it is not the amount that needs to be charted. There is no scientific evidence to support this. And again it is those methods that have distorted the scientific research of Prof. Odebladb that are circulating this misinformation. I was very fortunate in August 1998 to have spent a considerable amount of time with Prof. Odeblad from Sweden to have these things clarified. Women and couples have a right to the truth. I feel that there is a great injustice being done to Prof. Odeblad and his lifelong work(they all quote his research).

Having just returned from Australia, we were fortunate to have spent time with the Drs. Billings and Prof. Brown. As Dr. Lyn says with reference to using the Billings Method, "There is nothing the woman has to do that she isn't already doing". The SENSATION at the vulva while up going about her normal daily activities is the primary and most important sign. The woman may wipe with toilet tissue and observe what is on the tissue(not touching the mucus with her fingers) the color and consistency (opaque or strings(como hilos) present-we no longer use terms such as "stretchy" or "elastic" as this is misleading women into thinking that they need to stretch it with their fingers). Nothing more than what she is already doing!

Hope this is helpful. We had a great trip. We are so glad to be back. We hope to have a meeting with our teachers to keep them up to date on the latest from Australia!

Hope to talk with you soon.

Love in Christ, Darcy

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