Novena for Youth

(In Honor of St. Paul)

Glorious Apostle St. Paul,
Jesus called you to a life of dedicated service.
Following your example,
I confess that I am a sinner,
saved only by the merits of Jesus.
By your inspired words and prayers,
may I discover God's plan for my life.
Help me to overcome sadness, anxiety and fear
to serve God and my neighbor as you did
with confidence, joy and peace.

Readings to Discover God's Plan

1. Rom 1:18-32 - Man Without God
2. Rom 12:1-21 - What Love Means
3. Gal 5:13-26 - Fruits of Flesh & Spirit
4. IICor 5:14-6:2 - Reconciliation
5. Rom 6:1-14 - Buried with Christ
6. ICor 6:9-20 - Body Not Your Own
7. ICor 11:23-31+Heb 10:25 - Worthy Communion
8. ITim 6:11-19+IICor 9:6-15- Generosity
9. Phil 2:1-18; 3:17-21 - Life in Christ

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