New Mary Bloom Center

(March, 1998)

Denis Bruneau, assisted by Alejandra Chire and Mathieu doing finishing work on the New Mary Bloom Center:

Third Grade students from Inmaculada School watching pro-life video in new classroom

Coffee Break in new classroom

Homage to Sor Maria (Director of Inmaculada School) thanking her for support of Mary Bloom Center

Obst. Luz M. Marron Roque, Director of Mary Bloom Center, with Instructors Lidia and Lupe Perez preparing first course for new instructors and promoters:

Instructor Lucrecia Perez and Sor Maria

Students for New Course for Instructors and Promoters

Obst. Luz Marron (with Mary Melania) distributing school supplies and clothes

Pictures of March 1998 Outreach and Outings

Pictures of Construction of Mary Bloom Center