Is Bible a Myth?

Dear Sir,

How can you base your arguments on religious myth? The bible is not a factual history of how God feels, what She thinks should be done, etc. It was written by men, for men, about men. And please do not forget that Jesus was black, something which is rarely portrayed in the Catholic Church, yet you feel that the priest must be a representation of Christ? This is fairly inconsistent. That is all I have to say right now. Peace and love,

Chas Walker


Dear Chas

I assume you mean "myth" not in the technical sense, but the plain sense (an untrue story). Am I right? On the truth of the Gospels, I offer this Sunday's as exhibit A. Would the evangelists have included something so embarrassing as Jesus' baptism if they we not scrupulously honest?

About feminine and masculine images of God and the adequacy of each one, we would need a whole other article. What does bother me is that the feminine ones tend toward pantheism. A "feel-good god" who asks nothing of us (beyond a vague benevolence--"be kind to each other and all creatures"). As C.S. Lewis said, "warm religious feelings with no moral responsibility." What do you think?

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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