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If you are a movie-goer, I would like to make a recommendation: The Apostle starring Robert Duvall (and Farrah Fawcett). In our culture which trivializes religion, it is refreshing to see a movie which rises above stereotypes. While the film has its flaws and is not for children, it is one of the best treatments I have seen of religious themes: man's fallen nature, sin, repentance, conversion, redemption and worship. Those in fact are the realities we focus on as we begin our Lenten journey.


I would be interested in knowing how others react to the way movies and television programs stereotype priests, ministers and believing Christians. When I watched M.A.S.H. I used to to cringe at the whimpy, muddled priest portrayed. To make matters worse, one of my parishioners told me I reminded him of that priest! He meant it as a compliment. I hope I am not making a similar mistake in my response to the Evangelical minister portrayed by Robert Duvall. A person more part of that Christian experience would have to tell me. What I saw was someone who was both a human being I could identify with and a sign of transcendence, someone who pointed to God, a spiritual world which is very real. Perhaps something like the way a priest is a "sacrament" of Jesus' presence in the world.

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