Islam Does Not Prohibit Milk

Subject: Correction to Dave Starks response to the article on Sagan

Dear Mr. Bloom,

I happened to read the article on Carl Sagan and while reading the response of Dave Stark, I came across a mistake in the third paragraph. Dave says that "Muslims don't drink milk". Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is no muslim in the world who would not cherish milk. In fact milk was an essential part of the diet of prophet Muhammad and his companions. Even pre-Islamic Arabs used milk extensively. Islam does not prohibit milk at all.

Dave is thoroughly misinformed. I wonder how even you missed it. I encourage you to make your own inquiries and omit this mistake.

Best Regards

Taimoor Khan


Thank you, Taimoor. I will correct the mistake when I update next week.

Is it OK to post your letter?

Fr. Phil Bloom


Thanks for the correction. You are most welcome to post my letter.

Best Regards

Taimoor Khan


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