Mission Statement

(August 12, 1997)

Mary Bloom Center is a educational and medical center that facilitates thespiritual, mental and health development of family life. It promotes respect for human life from conception till natural death.

(The Mary Bloom Center is named after my mom, its full title is: The Mary Bloom Center for Natural Planning and Well Being of the Family. Its address is: Centro Mary Bloom, Apartado 33, Puno, Peru.)


The Mary Bloom Center evolved from a Pastoral Health Center founded by a Peruvian Obstetrician/midwife, Luz Marron with help from Liane and Denis Bruneau together with myself as Parish Priest. Liane and Denis were VICS (Volunteer International Christian Service) Missionaries in Peru from 1991 to 1993 who shared technical skills and knowledge of Natural Family Planning and how it integrates the Christian vision of faith and family life.

In October of 1994 this Center held an international conference on Natural Family Planning and related issues at which more than 1000 attended. It is a recognized non-profit foundation and non-governmental organization affiliated with WOOMB International and sponsors courses accredited by local universities. The Center's courses are attended by health professional and university students. It offers courses and counseling for married couples, as well as high school students. According to available funds, the Center provides some direct help to needy families as well as those facing medical emergencies.


This year the Mary Bloom Center has a budget goal of $39,674 US. You can help by providing a donation to at St. Mary's Church, (c/o Fr.Gary Gordon) 8909 Mary Street, Chilliwack, B.C. V2V 4J4. Please make your check to St. Mary's Church with Mary Bloom Center in the Memo identification. As president of the Foundation, I review the annual budget and the use of all moneys donated. A full detail description of the expenses and budget may be obtained by writing to me at Holy Family Parish at the Holy Family Parish, 9622 20th Ave. SW, Seattle Washington. 98106. (In the U.S. please make out your check to Holy Family and write "Mary Bloom Center" in the memo.) In addition to financial donations, there is a list of specific needs included below. below.

--Fr Phillip Bloom

List of immediate requirements

Fetal Dopler heart monitor
Medical books related to Natural family planning
General health books
Medical vaginal speculum and other gynaecological supplies such as:
otoscope, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscope, thermometer antibiotics for
children and adults, medical scissors, Gauze
Desks and Chairs
Overhead projector
White school shirts and blouses
Gray pants for boys K to grade 12
Spanish books for children
Baby cloths suitable for cold climates
School supplies

Small packages many be mailed directly to the center c/o Liane or Denis Bruneau. Apto. 33, Puno, Peru

Specific Medical equipment could be given to Fr, Bloom when he returns in October

On August 2 (1997) Liane and Denis returned to Peru for one year to work in the Mary Bloom Center as VICS Volunteer. From Peru they will be communicating other specific requirements as far as aid for needy children, books and basic necessities.

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