Q. What business does government have in regulating medical procedures? Isn't this a private matter?

A. Here is a short list of areas where government regulates medical practice in Washington state:

a) Health professionals are all licensed or certified by the state.
b) Health facilities are all licensed by the state.
c) Dispensing and administering drugs is highly regulated by the government by the F.D.A.
d) Electroshock treatment of mental patients is outlawed.
e) By law, all school age children must be immunized.
f) Living wills must be recognized in treating patients who are terminally ill.
g) The surgical procedure of female circumcision is outlawed.
Partial birth infanticide offends the public conscience more than electroshock therapy or female circumcision because it is the gruesome killing of a human infant in the process of birth. A law dealing with it is fully justified.

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