March for Life

(January 17, 2002; Olympia, WA)

With Greg Oltman & Jim Newstrom who walked from Seattle to Olympia (Foto by Tom Weber)

With Becky Stephen and daughter Tori, Mary Smith

Bishop Skylstad of Spokane leads opening prayer

Pro-Life Democrat Legislator (Senator Jim Hargrove) address crowd

Pictures from 2005 March for Life


Pictures from 2007 March for Life

Homily Mentioning March for Life

Abortion and Pro-Choice

Former Pro-Life Democrats

A Challenge to Our Pro-Choice Friends

Post-Abortion Healing

Abortion and Early Church Teaching

An impassioned Pro-Choice response.

The fate of the aborted child

The overpopulation question.

Gen 1:28 - Have we "filled the earth"?

From Abortionist to Catholic: Bernard Nathanson, M.D..

Abortion and Forgiveness.

The question of conscience.

How this issue relates to Salvation.

Relation of Abortion to Birth Control.

Homily on Birth Control and Abortion.

Does Birth Control solve or cause Poverty?

The Moral Law and the Existence of God.

Holy Week Reflection (Abortion and Immigration)

From Sarah: "Do you honestly believe that making abortion illegal will solve the problem?"

**Q. What business does government have in regulating medical procedures? Isn't this a private matter? A. Here is a short list of seven areas where government regulates medical practice in Washington state. (Clear Thinking about Crucial Issues)

He Approached the Victim: "It's much more likely one of your relatives will lose his life by surgical abortion than by heart attack."

Stem Cell Research: Teaching of Bible & Catholic Church

Germaine Greer on Birth Control

Human Cloning: A Catholic Perspective (How the Unthinkable Became Inevitable)

Samwise Goes to Olympia (2004 March for Life)

Holy Family Seventh Grade at 2006 March for Life


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