Hoaxes and Acts of Intelligence?


Concerning Jesus was a lunatic, liar or Lord, you missed one more option. They could have been hoaxes and acts of intelligence. This is one of the best websites on the web exposing the fourth option: www.geocities.com/logic_faith/miracles.htm

Mark Weizmann.


Dear Mark,

Isn't a hoax essentially a lie? According to the website you sent me, Jesus must have been one of the cleverest tricksters in human history. If so, why could he not have avoided that nasty business of Roman capital punishment? Also if the website is correct, the Jews in Jesus' time must have been among the dumbest folks on the planet. How did they get so smart today?

I would put my money on a different explanation - that true miracles are possible. But that seems to be the one possibility the website is unwilling to explore.


Fr. Phil Bloom

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