Is In Vitro Fertilization Morally Acceptable?

Dear Father,

My husband and I have some questions on In Vitro Fertilization. We would like to know the Church's position on this procedure. If it is not acceptable in the eyes of the Church, are there other assisted reproductive technologies that are acceptable?

Any information that you could provide would be very much appreciated.




Altho it is perhaps not widely known, Jesus' teaching on this topic is very clear. You can find it in the Catechism # 2373-79. I know this is difficult. You and your husband (and all couples facing problems of infertility) are in my prayers. Accepted reproductive technologies are those which would enable a husband and wife to conceive a child without the intervention of a third party in the actual act of conception. There are some clinics (for example that of Dr. Thomas Hilgers, an ob-gyn in Omaha) which have had remarkable success using accepted methods in order to enable couples to conceive a child. Also I have found that persistent prayer brings amazing results. I have blessed infertile couples in my parish (some of whom had already spent thousands of dollars with no results) who within a couple of months became pregnant by the God given way. Also prayer to St. Anthony is particularly effective.

Let me know how it goes with you. My prayers.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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