The Eyes of Your Heart

(June 2, 2019)

Bottom line: Like the apostles we want God to enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see Jesus and his plan for us.

Today we have a follow-up testimony regarding the Annual Catholic Appeal. It fits with the theme of Ascension Sunday - Jesus at the right hand of the Father.

Jesus ascends not to abandon us but to assume his proper authority. Jesus, as we saw last week, stands at the center of the universe and at the center of human history. In speaking about Jesus, St. Paul prays that God will open "the eyes of your hearts". What does this phrase mean and how does it relate to the Ascension?

In the Bible the heart is the place of planning and deciding. As Bishop Sklba observes the "eyes of the heart" enable a person to "plan wisely and well". Those eyes see the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, true and false. Above all, they see Jesus at the center of the cosmos - and the center of history.

During Easter we have focused on Jesus' two-step plan: faith and action. In the Gospel we see how faith guides action. When Jesus disappears from their sight they return to Jerusalem. Joy fills them - the joy that comes from gratitude. They don't mourn because Jesus left them. No, they recognize his profound presence in prayer and in the sacraments. Like the apostles we want God to enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see Jesus and his plan for us.

This leads to our testimony about the Annual Catholic Appeal. Some of our parishioners had a beautiful experience of God's presence in our Western Washington Church. With a prayer in your heart, I ask you to give your full attention to __________.


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