Something for You Week 4: Confidence

(Homily for Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B)

Message: God wants to give you the gift of confidence.* I ask you to express confidence in God - by making a gift of what you value most.

This is fourth of five homilies on the theme: God does not want something from you. He wants something for you. We have seen that for us God wants: faith, communion and abundance. Faith - a lived relationship with Jesus. Communion - the eternal fruit of that relationship. Abundance - blessings here and now.

The blessings do not come without sacrifice, trial and suffering. For that reason God wants a fourth thing for you: Confidence. Today's Psalm says:

My heart is glad,
my soul rejoices
my body, too, abides in confidence.

We experience this confidence - not because you and I are intrepid, but because of God. To speak personally: My body abides in confidence, not because I exercise and eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. My body abides in confidence because I know - when all is said and done - God will not abandon me.

We need that confidence in God. Today's readings speak about distress - "a time unsurpassed in distress." Jesus describes a tribulation with global and cosmic dimensions.

Terrible things are happening in our world. What the future may bring you and I do not know. Jesus tells us to stand firm. "Heaven and earth will pass away," he says - but his word will not pass away. Trust Jesus. Trust his word. He wants to give you the gift of confidence.

I ask you to express confidence in God - by making a gift of what you value most: your time. Is weekly Mass and daily prayer your priority? Time. Abilities - take a look at the Stewardship of Talent card. And your financial resources. We now have a testimony. A brave soul - please say a prayer and open your heart. Amen.


*Those alert may have noted the change in theme. In Advent I will speak about justice in relation to Year of Mercy.

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Plan for this series:

October 25: Something For You Week 1: Faith
November 1: Something For You Week 2: Communion
November 8: Something For You Week 3: Abundance
November 15: Something For You Week 4: Confidence
November 22: Something For You Week 5: Power

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