Why They Did Not Share

(Homily for Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A)

This year we have been following the Stewardship theme: God owns it all. We are called to share. At first glance it seems like today’s Gospel contradicts that message. In the parable we hear about wise virgins who did not share their oil with the foolish ones. They seem terribly selfish until we understand what Jesus is really talking about.

The oil which the wise virgins possess is not something external – like food or clothes or money. Rather the oil refers to an inner quality: for example, honesty, fairness or integrity. A father can give his son a desk, but the boy himself must develop the inner discipline to keep the desk properly organized. I could lend you a book on prayer, but you would have to set aside the time for your relationship with God.

In our Stewardship drive we are asking you to share your gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure. It is not just that the parish needs your volunteer help and a part of your financial resources. We do, but much more important, we are concerned about the person you are becoming. The parish ultimately exists for the sake of your eternal salvation.

St. Paul tells us that when God draws the final curtain, some who are still alive at that time, will be “caught up,” along with those who have died in Christ. I pray that when that day comes, you and I will be taken up together. To have that happen, we must place our lives at Gods’ disposition. If we do so, we will - like the wise virgins - have oil in our lamps. That is, we will have the generous, humble and open hearts which the Lord requires. May the Lord help us to be prepared when he comes.

I would like to now ask a family from our parish to give a testimony to Stewardship in their home.


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