Was Pius XII Hitler's Pope?

To the Editor, Brill's Content:

I like Brill's Content. You have done a lot to call the different media to accountability. However, I wish Jane Manners would have dug a little deeper for the facts on Hitler's Pope. William D. Rubinstein (Professor of Modern History at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and author of The Myth of Rescue) could have helped her place the Pius XII papacy within its historical context. He makes the rather obvious point that "the power of the Pope, or Roosevelt, or anybody else to deter Hitler from genocide was extraordinarily limited..." Rubinstein's review of Hitler's Pope (First Things; January 2000) exposes the weaknesses of Cornwell's thesis. Ms. Manners is honest enough to call her own spot-check of the facts "an admittedly limited investigation." However the facts are out there and can readily be accessed as the attached article by Dr. Peter Gumpel demonstrates.


Fr. Phillip Bloom

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