Earthquake Relief to Saguaya

(Department of Moquegua, Peru, October 22, 2001)

Loading Truck with Foodstuffs, Obst. Luz Marron, Director of Mary Bloom Center, Puno

Fr. Phil Bloom with Melani Palacios Marron, Juli

Community Directors in Chapel of Saguaya

Altar of Chapel in Saguaya

Obst. Luz Marron Explaining Food Distribution

Obst. Luz Registering Families

Isaias Roque and Luz Marron Distributing Food

Mother and Child

Food Distribution

Melani Helping with Distribution

Mother and Child with Food

Food Distribution

Fr. Phil Bloom with Friend

Abuelita (Elderly Lady), Isaias, Melani

Melani and Obdulia at home of Manuel and Julia Quispe

Melani and Obdulia observing Sow with Piglets

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