Update on Diego

(Boy with Keratoconus helped Mary Bloom Center in Peru, February 2012)

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The 2009 delegation had the opportunity to visit families assisted by the Mary Bloom Center. Particularly moving was a boy named Diego, in danger of losing his eyesight. Michelle Palmer, a St. Mary parishioner who is a nurse at Children's Hospital in Seattle, examined his eyes and said she is concerned that Diego receive immediate treatment. Obst. Luz Marron (director of the Mary Bloom Center, at my right in the picture) set up an appointment for Diego with a local opthamologist and made plans to take him to Arequipa where he can receive specialized treatment.

2009 Delegation with Diego and his family

Pressy with Diego with Presentacion Zaballeros after closing Mass of Bob Lindenau Tutoring Program


(Pictures by Aaron Howard)

In November, 2009, Obst. Luz Marron, director of the Mary Bloom Center, took Diego to an ophthalmologist, first in Puno, then in Arequipa, a major city an eight-hour bus ride from Puno. The doctor diagnosed him with "Queratocono Queratoconjuntivitis Actinica." The Peruvian ophthalmologist said that this disease strikes about one in every 200,000 children and that it manifests itself in adolescence. As you can see from the picture of Diego’s eyes, the disease has caused severe degeneration of the cornea. Diego told me he experiences blurred and multiple vision problems. After almost two months of anti-inflammatory eye-drops, Diego received medical intervention on December 15.

Diego with his father and Luz after the first operation

Luz arranged for Diego’s dad to accompany him to Arequipa and stay with him during the time of the treatment. He had a second operation on December 17 (on his right eye).

Here are pictures of Dr. Corrales performing the eye operation: Diego with his dad and Obst. Luz Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center)

Diego after second operation

My niece, Tonya, and I with family of Diego, January 4, 2012

L-R: Parents (Teodoro & Lucia), Fr B, Diego, Tonya, brother Victor Hugo

Luis Felipe & Katarine

Victor Hugo & mom Lucia

Diego taking a note

a happy moment in spite of ongoing difficulties

Luz, Dayron, Teodoro

Outsided the family home: Teodoro, Lucia, Dayron, Katarine, Diego, Fr B, Luz, Karen, Boris, Victor Hugo, Luis Felipe

A word with Diego before taking leave

Diego taking us back to highway

Follow-Up with Dr. Carrion in Arequipa, January 17, 2012

Dr. Carrion explained to Diego what improvement he should and should not hope for. Besides a new prescription for glasses, he gave Diego a prescription for eye irritation caused by over-exposure to dust.

Filling prescription for new glass, Arequipa

Arequipa bus station, returning to Puno

back in Puno with new glasses

Luz is working with Diego so that he can obtain a high school equivalency degree - and eventually attain an employment compatible with the condition of his eyes.


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