In Memory of César Palacios

Last week we received sad news from the Mary Bloom Center. On May 23, 1998, César Palacios Mendoza died in a car accident. He was the husband of Obst. Luz M. Marrón Roque, director of the Center and the father of Mary Melania Palacios Marrón. A Major in the Peruvian Police, César was loved and respected by the men who served under him. He was a caring husband and father. César will be deeply missed. His body was taken to Lima where it was buried in a cemetery near the home of his widowed mother, Felicitas Mendoza.

César will be warmly remembered at the Mary Bloom Center, both by the staff and those they served. He was always ready to lend whatever support he could to that work. A couple from British Columbia has donated $1000 Canadian in memory of César. It will be used as a memorial for him at the Center, perhaps by offering some courses especially for fathers and retreats aimed at strengthening family life. If you wish to donate to that fund, you may do so by making a check to "Mary Bloom Center" c/o St. Mary of the Valley Parish, Box 279, Monroe, WA 98272

Please remember César in your prayers for the faithful departed as well as saying a prayer for his wife and daughter at this difficult time.

                                           Fr. Phillip Bloom
                                           June 1, 1998
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Here are some pictures of César as well as links to other pictures.

Foreground: César's brother Jorge. Background (L-R) Lucrecia Perez (secretary of Mary Bloom Center), Liane Bruneau (godmother) and Luz Marrón (mother) November 7, 1997, Puno.

César Holding Melania during anointing with oil of catechumens.

Imposition of Hands

Baptimal Exhoration

After the Baptism

Group Picture in the Church of the Imaculada after Mary Melania's Baptism. César holding the baptismal candle next to is wife, Luz.

César with Luz and Melania after her birth (October 4, 1997)

César behind desk at the Mary Bloom Center

César with Luz and Bruneau children Manco Capac Ceremony

Looking Back with Nadine and Matthieu Bruneau (November 4, 1997)

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