I have been at Holy Family Parish for almost nine years, first as priest for the Hispanic community, then as pastor of the overall parish.  As you know, last July Archbishop Brunett reassigned me for an additional six years as pastor.  During these past months, I have tried to put on paper some crucial parish goals for the next five years.  While the goals are not comprehensive of every area where we need to work together, they give a starting point.  I have discussed them with the parish staff and with consultative bodies and will be refining them further over the next months.  Since we are in the days approaching Pentecost, I wanted to share them with the entire parish.  Here then are some crucial areas on which we will focus:


Celebration of Sacraments:










Hispanic Ministry                                                       













On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Fr. Ramon and I will be in Ocean Shores for the annual Priest Days.  While we are gone, Deacons Ted and Abel will conduct services at the normal Mass times.  We will be back for the 8:30 a.m. Mass on Thursday.  On Friday our parish school has its annual Jogathon.  Besides being a fun event, it is important this year to make up for a small shortfall in the parent’s club subsidy.  Samwise and I will be participating.  If you would like to make a pledge (say $10 or $100) please drop it off at the parish office before Friday.  Thank you!