Bulletin (December 7, 2008)

During the month of November we focused on Parish Stewardship, specifically our Stewardship of financial resources. We did this in a spirit of gratitude to God for his gifts and blessings. I am grateful for your support of Holy Family Parish. As you can see in the Stewardship Column, 567 households had returned pledge cards with a total pledge of $460,274. We need 83 new pledges to reach our goal of 650 households as pledge parishioners. If you have not yet returned your pledge card, please do so this week. You can mail it, drop it off at the parish office or place your pledge in the Sunday collection.

As we begin the month of December, I would like to call your attention to other forms of Parish Stewardship. Because of your support of the Capital Campaign, we have been able to make many needed improvements to our parish facilities: new roofs for the Ailbe House and rectory – and (as you can see in the picture) a new roof and renovation of the North Portable. This work has been achieved with the help of many volunteers including the Amici group of young adults that dedicated a Saturday to clean-up and reorganization in preparation for renovation of the portable’s interior.

For sure you have also noticed the renovation of room in our church’s northeast corner (the former baptistery). This room will become the new “St. Michael’s Chapel.” The renovation is being accomplished under the direction of Noemi Cortez (shown in the picture below). You might remember that a few years ago someone vandalized our statue of St. Michael. The insurance paid for us to send the statue to Italy (where it was originally carved) and it returned to us in beautiful condition. In order to protect the statue of St. Michael (and of the Sacred Heart) we have kept it in the old baptistery. With this renovation, these beautiful representations will be accessible for prayer and devotion. Also the chapel will continue to serve as a “bride’s room.” It will be a very beautiful place for brides and their attendants to prepare themselves before the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

These renovations are possible because of your support of the Annual Catholic Appeal. You might remember that in 2007 we set aside the rebate (amount donated over our parish’s archdiocesan goal) for the renovation of the St. Michael Chapel. Also at that time. John Bazik donated $7,000 in memory of his wife, Helen. Since then John has also died. The names of John and Helen Bazik will come first on the memorial plaque asking parishioners to remember departed loved ones. We would gratefully receive other donations – including a donation for the plaque itself. If you are interested, please talk to Parish Administrator Gary Samaniego, Stewardship Coordinator Mary French or me.

Besides the Capital Campaign and the Annual Catholic Appeal, we have made one other major request: the Randy Terlicker Fund. This Fund addresses the present and future needs of our parish school. Last weekend our two-bit collection went to tuition assistance by way of the Randy Terlicker Fund. Mrs. Colleen Terlicker (mother of Randy) will match your contributions dollar for dollar.

Your Stewardship not only maintains Holy Family Parish and School, but also assists the needy in our neighborhood, the archdiocese and world-wide. This weekend Marie Bach will give have a special presentation on the Archdiocesan Catholic Charities. On subsequent weekends the two-bit collections will go toward Prison Ministry, Mary Bloom Center, St. Vincent de Paul and Birthright. I thank you for your support of all these important efforts.

We place all of these efforts under the maternal intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On Monday we celebrate the Mary’s Immaculate Conception (English Masses at 8:30 and 6 p.m.) and on Friday the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (English Mass at 8:30 a.m.). The 1962 Missal of Pope John XXIII has a beautiful to prayer to our Lady Guadalupe: That as she aided the conversion of Mexico, she will “bring about in these our times the conversion of our modern world from its present neo-paganism to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of thy divine Son, Jesus Christ, starting in the Americas and extending throughout the entire world.” I ask you this week to join me in that prayer.

Hay mucho en la seccion en ingles sobre Co-Responsabilidad de recursos economicos: Estoy agradecido a todos que llenaron sus tarjetas. Si todavia usted no lo hecho, favor de hacerlo esta semana. Ademas del apoyo a la parroquia en la Primera Colecta, mencioné tambien la Campaña Capital que hizo posible los nuevos techos de la Ailbe House, rectoria y los edificios menores (Casa Ramon Sainz y el “North Portable”). Y seguramente han notado el trabajo en la Capilla San Miguel. Abajo hay una foto de Felix, uno de los trabajadores en esta renovacion. Esta renovacion es resultado de la Peticion Catolica Anual de 2007 y otras donaciones. Si alguien quiere ayudar con una donacion especial, se puede hablar con el Diacono Abel o conmigo.

Este fin de semana habra una presentacion sobre “Catholic Charities” – Caritas de la Arquidiocesis de Seattle, que ayuda a los pobres por medio de alojamiento, consejeria, comida, etc. En las seguientes semanas habra colectas para el Ministerio de Carceles, Madre Teresa, Centro Mary Bloom y Birthright (Derecho de Nacer). Estoy agradecido por su apoyo para los necesitados en nuestra comunidad, arquidiocesis y mundialmente.

Ponemos todas estos proyectos bajo la proteccion maternal de la Virgen Maria, especialmente en esta semana que celebramos su Inmaculada Concepcion (misa en español el dia lunes a las 7:30 p.m.) y Nuestra Señora de Guadupe (procesion y mañanitas el dia jueves, y misa el dia viernes a las 7 p.m.)


As of last Wednesday, we have 567 Pledge Parishioners pledging a total of $460,274. This is our best response yet both in families pledging and amount pledged. Our previous record was in 2006 with 442 households pledging $395,545.00. Thank you to all those who have turned in your pledge card!

Even though this is a good response, we still have room for improvement. There are still close to 700 registered families that we have not heard from. It is not too late to turn in your card. Please join your fellow parishioners in the support of Holy Family for 2009 and fill out your commitment card. If you have misplaced it, there are some available in the vestibule or you can pick one up at the Parish Office.

And for those of you with a bent for numbers, here are some interesting statistics:

2008:	417 families pledged $386,074.25
2009:	567 families pledged $460,274.00

Of the 567 pledges for 2009:
322 were new pledges
245 families pledged for both 08 and 09

Of the 245 families who pledged for both 08 and 09:
105 families increased their pledge from last year
 47 families decreased their pledge from last year
 93 families pledged the same amount for both years

Our Stewardship Mission ~
To call all to conversion and true discipleship in Christ through his Church by the fulfillment of our baptismal promise to cooperate with God in his creative, redemptive and sanctifying work, for the praise and glory of his name, through a grateful love offering of our time, gifts, finances and our very lives.

December 7th Managing Your Money in Troubled Times

Economic issues continue to dominate the news – from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street – and globally. At times like this, it’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us. This is a time to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and make financial decisions based on Godly principles and the reality of your situation.

Proverbs 21:20 says, “Precious treasure remains in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it.” This reminds us of the importance of having adequate cash reserves. My grandfather and his brothers operated businesses during the Great Depression. Over the years, they developed a “Toast” that went like this: “Here’s to good luck, good health, happiness, prosperity, tranquility, and liquidity.” I get a laugh out of that, but it’s got a lot of truth in it.

Having adequate liquidity at a time such as this is important. That means getting an initial $2000 emergency fund and six month reserves in place. How do you find such money? By spending less than you earn! Get aggressive about doing this. Where should you put your emergency and reserve funds? I like a bank money market fund for the emergency fund and the first three months of your reserve fund. A three month CD is ideal for the second half of your reserve fund. God love you!

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Blessing of Quinceañera (Alejandra) after the December 2, 2008, Latin Mass:

Baptism of Esther Josephine Themba (November 30, 2008; Blessed Sacrament Church, Seattle)