Holy Family News

(January 4, 2009)

I know it is a cliché, but it is hard to believe that we are already in the last year of this decade. It seems like yesterday we were beginning a new millennium. So much has happened in our world - and in our parish. In some ways it seems good to say farewell to 2008. It was a difficult year in my family because of the death of my niece's husband, Major Robert Lindenau.

For our parish and school, also we have felt the impact of the economic meltdown. May the year 2009 bring better moments. At the same time, I am grateful for the way people have pulled together in our parish family and my natural family.

Before writing about some of the things awaiting us in 2009, I would like to tell you about a beautiful event: the wedding of Leticia Magaña and Michael Yellam in Arandas, Mexico. As you can see from the picture, she is a beautiful bride and Mike a handsome bridegroom.

Michael Vincent Yellam & Leticia Irerick Magaña

Deacon Abel & Leticia Magaña, Leticia Irerick, Fr. Bloom, Michael Vincent, Liz & Marty Yellam

The marriage took place in the same church where Blessed Luis Magaña (Leticia's uncle, a few times removed) married Elvira Camarena some eighty-three years ago. In front of that same church, Blessed Luis gave his life for Christ on February 9, 1928 (see picture of memorial plaque).

While in Arandas I had the good fortune of meeting two of Blessed Luis' granddaughters. They answered questions I had about what happened to their Grandma Elvira - and to the two children: Gilberto who was a one-year-old and Maria Luisa who was yet unborn when their father gave his noble testimony. I hope to tell you more in my homily, especially what happened to little Maria Luisa.

Blessed Luis & Elvira's Granddaughters Juanita & Marta Garcia Magaña with Great-Great Granddaughters

Site of Blessed Luis' Martyrdom, Great Grandson Ulises (son of Juanita)

On this spot Blessed Luis Magaña Servin was martyred on Febuary 9, 1928. He was beatified on November 20, 2005.
Long live Christ the King! Long live Holy Mary of Guadalupe!

One of the bullets from the execution with devotional cross added

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Arandas, Jalisco

Painting of Blessed Luis Magaña inside church

Painting of Our Lady of Refuge (Blessed Luis used as model for eyes)

Relics of Blessed Luis

Shirt worn by Luis on day of martyrdom

Blessed Luis between Blessed Ezekiel & Salvador Huerta Gutierrez (brothers)

86 Vallarta Street - address of Luis & Elvira's home and tanning workshop

Pharmacy (in operation in the 20's)

Owner of Pharmacy - the home behind the drug store served as place for underground Masses during time of persecution

Bakery (was clothing store in time of Blessed Luis)

Site of Centenario Hotel where troops were garrisoned. Here Blessed Luis met General Martinez to ask release of his brother Delfino.

Cemetery of Carmen where Luis and Elvira were buried

Baptism record of Blessed Luis

Baptismal Certificate

Marta, Parish Secretary - baptismal records have been converted to digital format

Fr. Pedro, Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, retrieving records of Blessed Luis

After Mass with Fr. Pedro & Deacon Abel

Arandas Altar Servers

Billings Center of Natural Family Planning at Guadalupe Parish, Arandas

Nativity scene in Arandas

Fr. Tiberio Munari, postulator & author of books on Blessed Luis; Sair Del Toro

Homilies mentioning Blessed Luis Magaña:

His children: A Glimpse of the Mystery
His devotion to Eucharist and his marriage: Blood Shed For Us
How Blessed Luis died and his beatification: The Newness of Jesus' Death

Here at Holy Family we are honoring another man who heroically gave his life: Randy Terlicker. You may have noticed in the news that Holy Family will be hosting a memorial this coming Monday evening. Here is part of the news release:

January 5, 2009, marks 14-years since four Seattle Firefighters died in the Mary Pang Warehouse Fire. In memory of Lieutenant Walter Kilgore, Lieutenant Greg Shoemaker, Firefighter James Brown and Firefighter Randy Terlicker, Holy Family Parish School in West Seattle is conducting a Memorial and Benefit Dinner for the Randy Terlicker Endowment Fund. Randy Terlicker was a 1974 graduate of Holy Family Parish School. The endowment fund will provide scholarships to families who can not afford school tuition.

Fire Chief Gregory Dean, Mayor Greg Nickels and several Seattle Councilmen will attend this event. In relation to this important anniversary, I will be asking parishioners at all of our Masses to consider making a pledge or donation to the Randy Terlicker Endowment – a fund vital to the future of our parish and school.

Besides the Randy Terlicker Memorial, I would like to call your attention to some other upcoming events: This Sunday afternoon we are honoring a parishioner who is very much alive – Betty Weller. Betty celebrates her 70th Birthday. I know a lot of people will be on hand to express appreciation for all she does for our parish.

On Tuesday evening (which is the Twelfth Day of Christmas), you are invited to the Christmas Concert in our church.

For those who would like to witness a John XXIII (Tridentine Rite) marriage, come to our church next Saturday at 2 p.m. Patrick and Bree told me they would be honored by the presence of Holy Family parishioners for this beautiful event.

Next Sunday our Knights of Columbus are offering a delicious Pancake and French Toast Breakfast. Our Youth Choir will sing at the 11 a.m. Mass and will be honored at the breakfast after that Mass.

And here are some other events you will want to mark on your new 2009 Parish Appointment Calendar: On January 20 we will take a parish bus to the annual March for Life in Olympia. January 24-31 is Catholic Schools Week. Archbishop Brunett will celebrate a special Mass for the Sick on February 9, 9:30 at Mount St. Vincent’s. On March 7, we will have a Liturgy Workshop for ushers, lectors, ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, choir members, sacristans and all others who help at Sunday and daily Masses. The annual Cathedral Walk will take place on March 21.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, will speak at our Masses on the weekend of April 17-18.

Our annual School Auction takes place on May 2. From September 28 to October 9, I will be leading a small delegation from Holy Family to Peru for a pilgrimage to the tombs of St. Martin de Porres and St. Rose of Lima – and a stay at the Mary Bloom Center and Puno Orphanage. This is part of our overall parish Stewardship Plan that we will formally present on January 29.

There are, of course, many more events on our parish and school calendars. During the coming weeks you will hear about other important activities here at Holy Family Parish. May God bless you and your family as we begin this New Year 2009.

Regular Masses, Regular Confessions, and Hispanic community events not listed here.
Ailbe = Ailbe House (brick building by school) Tice Hall = School Basement
Atrium = Rectory Basement gym = Basketball Gym in School
5 Mon 6:30 pm Ailbe Legion of Mary
6 Tue 6:00 pm Ailbe First Communion Class
gym Boys’ Club
7 Wed 9:30a-6p church Eucharistic Exposition & Adoration
6:30 pm church Benediction of the Holy Eucharist
9 Fri 7:15 am Ailbe Pro-life Prayer March
4:00 pm Ailbe Vietnamese Legion of Mary
7:30 pm rectory Courage Group
10 Sat 9:15 am Atrium Teen Religious Ed. & RCIA
11 Sun 9:00 am Ailbe Kids Religious Ed. & RCIC
(3rd Tues of the Month: Respect Life Committee in Ailbe House, 6:15p-7:15p.)
X 5—11 Jan. 2009 X 
Mass Intentions
5 Mon 8:30 a.m. Frances Johnson, RIP
6 Tue 8:30 a.m. Inez Casey, RIP
7:30 p.m. Dawn Eden, Sp. Int.
7 Wed 6:00 p.m. Ethel Moore, RIP
8 Thu 8:30 a.m. Daniel Miller, RIP
9 Fri 8:30 a.m. Betty Tamayo, 90th Birthday
10 Sat 8:00 a.m. Yun-long Cheng, Sp. Int.
5:00 p.m. Prudencio Abbu, Jr. RIP
11 Sun 8:00 a.m. Tom Collins, RIP
11:00 a.m. Vicente Bolisig, Sr, RIP
Juanito Abbu
Tony Baker
William Banks
Luz Bella
Melanie Bloom
Anthony Brogan
Angela Brogan
Rose Marie Cleary
Bibiana Corcoro
Patricia Duffy
Mary Eley
Patti Engelking
Reggie Fernandez
Lil Foley
Mitch Forrey
Ed Gonzaga
Jason Gonzaga
David Hein
Dolores Hill
Donald Hillier
Jennifer L. Howlett
Ed Kopp
Karina Lukner
Birtha Madric
Sue McLain
Lyn Mullert
Felipe Naoe
Jan O’Browne
Kay Ohmie
Julee Pate
Rogelio Rodriguez
Helen Rumbawa
Antonia Sandoval
Timothy Seballos
Rick Shuff
Wayne Spears
Shayna Stehsel
Mike Wiederkehr
Nevada Williams
Veronica Wilson
Lillian Wong
Please Pray for Those Needing Healing
News & Events
March for Life [20 Jan 2009]. A group from Holy Family including the 7th and
8th grades will be going to Olympia for the upcoming March For Life. The bus
will leave Holy Family around 8:15am and return by 3:30pm. The approximate
cost will be $18.00 per person. Contact Toni Halsey,
halsey_t@yahoo.com — or call the parish office.
We would like to thank all those who helped to make our Christmas liturgies so
beautiful. Thank you for your dedication and faithful stewardship of your time
and talents. You are greatly appreciated!
Altar Servers: Reynard Bansale, Daron Camacho, Bill Corcoro, Lynn Dinh,
Tan Dinh, David French, James French, Adrian Hernandez, Joshua Law, Cliff
Macaraeg, Kenny McElhose, Christian Ocana, Anthony Shipley, Edward
Adult Choir: Director: Anca Wilson, Choir Members: Anthony & Mary Jane
Brogan, Elizabeth French, Mary French, Michael Folise, Catherine Hildebrand,
Penny Lemke, Sarah Naff, Dan & Janell Parfait, Roberta Tansey.
Flute - Anca Wilson Trombone - Michael French Organist - Clint Chan
Children’s Choir: Director: Anca Wilson, Choir Members: Ginelle Canlas,
Raquel Cavazos, Jay Jay Cortez, Angela Damey, Carli Evanson, Emily
Evanson, Grace Evanson, Hannah Fox, Sarah Fox, Aaron Hance, Tamlyn
Sheng, Bridget Simmonds, Julia Wilson.
Flute - Raquel Cavazos Guitar - Aaron Hance Organist - Clint Chan
Special thanks for parent helpers Ginnie Hance and Stephanie Sheng.
Lectors: Emy Bansale, Casey Dagdag, Rica Herrera
Church Decorations: Planning and Supervising: Stephanie Sheng
Other helpers: Todd Aylard, Fred & Sandy Cavazos, Raquel Cavazos, Peter &
Paula Evanson, Emily Evanson, Elizabeth French, Mary French, Mike Fox,
Rachael Fox, Steve Hance, Lauren Hance, Theresa Lambert, Doug & Denise
Leary, Keith Mooney, Dominic Parmantier, Gary Samaniego, Alex Sheng,
Tamlyn Sheng, David & Theresa Stark, Roberta Tansey, Kelly Williams, Ann
Witt. Thanks also to the Altar Servers and Boys’ Club for their assistance.
Many thanks also to those ushers who were able to brave the elements for our
Christmas liturgies!
And of course, a heart-felt thank you to our priests and deacons, who dedicate
every day of their lives to the Lord and to the service of all of us. Thank you
for answering God’s call and the beautiful stewardship of your vocations.
Parish Stewardship Giving Summary
Amt. Needed 1st Collection Each Sunday: $ 14,100.00
Dec. 7 Total Offering: $14,649.59
Dec. 14 Total Offering: $10,215.88
Dec. 21 Total Offering: $ 6,300.85
Dec. 28 Total Offering: $15,205.07
Christmas Eve/Day: $ 7,055.38
2008 Pledge Statistics
Total Households Pledging: 417
Total Amount Pledged: $383,652
Total Amount Paid: $312,459
Total Pledges Unpaid: $ 71,193 or 18%
(Archdiocesan average of unfulfilled pledges: 10%)
On-line donations to parish or school: www.HFSeattle.org
Parish Activities
21st Annual Dungeness Crab Dinner and Dance [31 Jan] in the school hall,
with seating upstairs & downstairs (please specify preference). Baked ham
option. Tickets $27 per person until 25 Jan, $35 thereafter. Proceeds support
seminarians, school families, and local charities. Call Keith McNeil 932-8631
or Don Marty 932-4531.
Next Baptisms of children (in English) will be 25 Jan, with required classes
12 & 15 Jan. Contact Fr. Red at 767-6220, ext. 111.
Epiphany Sunday 2009: A Glimpse of the Mystery