Bulletin (September 30, 2007)

Thank you for your support for the Fulcrum Foundation. In the Stewardship section, you will find the results of this collection, as well as our first collection and Capital Campaign. The Fulcrum Foundation gives hope to parishes like ours, as we provide an excellent Catholic education to children of families with limited resources. In addition to the donations in the second collection, some of you used the envelopes to make a pledge or one-time donation. We sent those directly to the Fulcrum Foundation and they are recorded separately. We still have envelopes in the pews for those who would like to make a donation or pledge.

A couple of years ago, Fr. Steve Rowan, chair of the Fulcrum Foundation, gathered priests to ask us to make a pledge. At first I thought, “Oh, no, I am already stretched thin.” With my limited earnings, I make the parish a first priority and then try to support other causes such as Catholic radio, the Annual Appeal and, of course, the Mary Bloom Center. Still, when Fr. Rowan explained the long-range benefits of the Fulcrum Foundation and asked priests to make a five-year pledge of $1000, $5000 or more, it seemed like a very worthwhile cause. I admit that my pledge was at the lower end, but still, it gives one satisfaction in providing for the ongoing assistance which enables a child to attend Catholic Schools. For example, a $1000 pledge will provide fifty dollars a year in perpetuity. We hope to do something similar (although on a smaller scale) with the Randy Terlicker Endowment Fund for our own parish school. The Fulcrum Foundation has been very supportive of our local effort to ensure the future of Holy Family School.

At the same time as we look at the long-term future of Holy Family School, its immediate needs call for our attention. This weekend you will notice the involvement of Holy Family teachers, parents and students in our Masses. At each of the seven Masses, we will have a two-bit collection for tuition assistance. This collection benefits our school and parish by enabling a needy family to send their child to Holy Family School. Our school enrollment has increased from last year, which is a very positive sign. This last week Principal Glen Lutz gave a very encouraging report to our parish Finance Council. Not only has enrollment increased, but the FACTS program, with its electronic transfer of funds, is enabling parents to pay tuition in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Lutz and the great response from our parents, Holy Family School is on a more sound foundation. Your support of the tuition assistance collection will help greatly. This is the first of three tuition assistance collections for the 2007-2008 school year.

Also, this weekend we have the presence of the coaches and children who are participating in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Sports. At the 11 a.m. Mass, they will receive a special blessing. CYO Sports is important not only for the physical well-being of our children, but also for their moral and spiritual development. Many studies have shown that the involvement of parents and other responsible adults is the crucial factor in enabling children to avoid destructive behaviors and to achieve the self-discipline necessary for a happy and productive life. Over the summer our parents and children have been involved in preparing the soccer field for spring sports. The picture shows part of the crew that worked on the field. Next weekend the two-bit collection will go to our parish CYO Sports. This will not only give parishioners the opportunity to support this program, but to remind families that CYO Sports is open to all children of our parish.

Tonight, I am heading to Peru. I will take with me your solidarity and prayers. Many of you have given generously to assist the victims of the August 15 earthquake. I have already been able to send some of your contributions to the Sisters and priests in the city of Pisco. In the Spanish section, is a picture of Fr. Javier Barrede with some of the food provided by way of the Mary Bloom Center. Fr. Javier continues to use a tent to attend to the spiritual and material needs of his parish. I will be spending a few days with Fr. Javier and Fr. Alfonso (pastor of the Pisco parish). During that time I will also be visiting the Vincentian Sisters, who have suffered so terribly on account of the earthquake. I hope to send a small report and, of course, tell you more when I return from Peru on October 26.

While I am gone, we will have the assistance of Fr. Sean Raftis, S.J., who is one of the professors at Seattle University. He will be celebrating the English Masses on the weekend of Oct 13-14. Also, Fr. Juan Diego, who many of you know, will be spending about ten days in the parish. Fr. Juan Diego and Fr. Sean will provide some help for Fr. Ramon as he attends to the spiritual needs of the parish, along with Deacons Ted and Abel and many other dedicated parishioners. A few weeks ago, Fr. Sean visited our parish and took some marvelous pictures of our church. I will be using them for various purposes and hope to share some of them with you. We can be justifiably proud of our beautiful church.

Also, during the month of October, many people will be participating in 40 Days for Life – a round-the-clock prayer vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in the University District. Along with some Holy Family parishioners, I took part in a one-hour vigil last Wednesday. I encourage you to participate. You can get more information from Steve Stilwell (both Sr. & Jr.), Gary Samaniego, Dominic Parmantier and Todd Aylard.

El miércoles pasado el director Glen Lutz y yo tuvimos una buena reunión con los papás hispanos de la Escuela de la Sagrada Familia. Nuestra escuela parroquial está al servicio de todas las familias. Les invitamos saber mas sobre lo que ella ofrece para la educación de sus hijos. En la parte en inglés mencioné sobre la Fundación Fulcrum de la arquidiocesis y la Fundación Randy Terlicker de nuestra parroquia, que dan apoyo a familias necesitadas. Les agradezco sus contribuciones a Fulcrum – y este fin de semana ayuda de colegiatura para familias de bajos recursos que quieren enviar su hijo a nuestra escuela.

Esta noche me voy al Perú por tres semanas y media. Llevo conmigo su solidaridad y oraciones. Ya hemos enviado una parte de sus donaciones a los pardres y hermanas que están ayudando a la gente de Pisco. La foto muestra al Padre Javier Barrede con algo de la comida y pañales donados por medio del Centro Mary Bloom. Voy a pasar unos dias con el Padre Javier, yel Padre Alfonso (parroco de San Clemente en Pisco) . Tambien visitaré a las Hijas de Caridad que han sufrido tanto a causa del terremoto.

Seguro que han visto las noticias del meteorito que cayó cerca del Lago Titicaca. Naturalmente quisiera visitar ese sitio también. Les enviaré un informe y al regresar les daré un reporte sobre mi tiempo en el Perú.

Dr. Cesar Hoyos, ObGyn, Course at Puno Municipal Center sponsored by Mary Bloom Center, September 2007:

Dr. Hoyos at Mary Bloom Center

Fr. Javier Berrade with food and diapers donated via Mary Bloom Center

Fr. Sean Raftis, S.J.:

Pictures of Holy Family Church, taken by Fr. Raftis

Side Altar of Holy Family (Jesus, Mary & Joseph)

Infant of Prague (garment color follows liturgical cycle)


Tableau of Assumption about Main Altar