Bulletin (January 21, 2007)

It is good to be back at Holy Family. I want to thank those who made it possible for me to spend a few weeks in Peru: First of all, Fr. Ramon, who together with Deacon Ted and Deacon Abel, took on extra work during these past weeks. Our parish administrator, Gary Samaniego, had his hands full as the weather conditions tested the limits of our buildings. (I will be meeting this Tuesday with Gary, Ed Williams from the Archdiocese and members of our Finance Council to assess the implications of recent damage – as well as to review our finances from July through December and to begin formulating the budget for 2007-2008.) A special thanks to our principal, Glen Lutz, particularly for the presentation of the Randy Terlicker Endowment Fund. These have been very difficult days for Glen and his family members on account of the death of their mom. As many of you know, everything changes when one’s mom dies. Continued prayers for the eternal rest of Betty Lutz and for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In contrast to Seattle, the weather in Peru was mainly sunny and warm. I had a relaxing visit and also the privilege of sharing your generosity with needy children and families. You might remember that in November, Holy Family students donated toys for Peruvian children. Our fourth graders selected toys for me to take down in my luggage. Here is a picture of Sofia Noemi Ramos receiving her toy.

Sofia is a member of Niños Trabajadores de la Calle (Children who work in the street), which meets every Thursday afternoon in the Mary Bloom Center. Sofia helps her mom sell aji molido (a Peruvian spice). She has two brothers and hopes someday to become a lawyer so that she can support her mom. Sofia shared with me some of the suffering she has had in her short, but very tragic life. As you can see from the picture, the toy brought her some comfort and joy – a sign of care from people she has never met.

The group picture shows the children holding up their toys. Each child, who received a toy or a picture from our fourth grade class, wrote a thank you note. I will be telling you more about these children as the year progresses. In the Spanish section, I have placed a picture of Juan David Maquera Cutipa, who was one of my catechists in Ilave and who now runs a pre-school program for twenty children. Juan David has an inspirational story, which I will tell you about later.

Again, it is good to back. I am particularly looking forward to the March for Life in Olympia this Monday, to Catholic Schools Week, which begins next weekend, and to the Father Corapì Retreat at the beginning of Lent.

Es bueno estar otra vez en Holy Family. En la seccion en inglés mencioné algo sobre mi visita al Perú y mi gratitud al Padre Ramon, el Diacono Abel y otros que la hicieron posible. Probablemente ustedes se acuerdan de los regalos que niños de nuestra escuela recolectaron durante el mes de noviembre. Llevé una parte conmigo para repartir con los Niños Trabajadores de la Calle que se reunen cada jueves en el Centro Mary Bloom. Hay fotos de los niños recibiendo juguetes y fotos en mi columna en inglés. También compartí regalitos con Juan David Maquera Cutipa que era catequista cuando yo trabajaba en la parroquia de Ilave. Ahora Juan David tiene un programa para veinte niños pre-escolares. La foto le muestra recibiendo jueguetes, junto con su sobrina Graciela Maquera Candia.