Bulletin (May 13, 2007)

First of all, I want to wish all of our moms a Happy Mother’s Day. Fr. Ramon and I are offering a novena of Masses for the moms of Holy Family Parish. Both of us remember our own moms who are deceased as well as the deceased moms of parishioners. I would like to ask your prayers for two moms who, along with their husbands, have special concerns for their children. In his column, our principal, Mr. Glen Lutz asks your prayers for the family of Gloria Strauss. Mr. Lutz asked our school families to say one decade of the Rosary for Gloria, her parents and her six siblings. I ask you to do the same.

I also ask your prayers for a mom and dad who are among my shirttail relatives. Their little daughter, Emma Cora Lamb, was born prematurely on April 13. Last week I visited her parents, David and Elena Lamb, at Children’s Hospital. Little Emma weighed only 755 grams (about 1.7 lbs) at birth. She looks like a beautiful little kitten. The picture shows her parents in front of Emma Cora, who is in the incubator. Please pray for this family and for all parents whose children face great health challenges.

During the month of May, we have the special intercession of our common mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. On May 4 at the 8:30 a.m. Mass, Holy Family School children crowned our Lady and acknowledged her as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven. Both titles have a long tradition in Christian history and find their roots in the Bible, for example, Revelation 12, which describes a woman clothed with the sun who gives birth to the Messiah. As Mary asked Jesus to perform his first miracle (see John 2), we can be sure that the Blessed Virgin intercedes for us. Eighth grade teacher, Mr. John Cascio, took the picture below which shows our kindergarten and eighth grade students after the crowning of Mary. As we say in the Hail, Holy Queen: “Turn then, O most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us and after this, our exile, show unto us the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”

Pastor Appreciation Day

I want to thank you for your response to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Last week we were able to send 373 pledge envelopes to the Archdiocese. This puts us twenty pledges ahead of last year! In another part of the bulletin, you will find full details. Special gratitude goes to Deacon Ted for his great homily given on Commitment Sunday. The beautiful testimony from the Bansale family helped many parishioners recognize the importance of the Appeal. Fr. Ramon promoted the Appeal in the Filipino, Spanish and English Masses. In the Spanish Masses, Susana Orozco, on behalf of Hispanic youth and Deacon Abel, explained how the Appeal supports the work of Archbishop Brunett and the 69 agencies that he oversees. Remember that our goal this year is that at least 460 households participate. I believe we can make that goal and thus not only do our part to support the work of the Archdiocese, but to receive a rebate. This year we will use the rebate to convert the room off the vestibule into a prayer room in which we can securely display the statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Michael the Archangel.

Speaking of Archbishop Brunett, many of you read with interest his column on the right of individual conscience and the “dictatorship of relativism.” This concept can be hard to grasp, but it is vital that we understand what is at stake. Relativism presents itself as a live and let live philosophy: You have your truth and I have my truth, so let’s agree to disagree. The problem is that relativism has a tendency to impose its own set of values (or lack of values). Archbishop Brunett pointed out that a recent decision by the Washington State Pharmacy Board would make it virtually impossible for a convinced Christian (or anyone who values human life from the moment of conception) to practice pharmacy in our state. Something similar is happening in relation to “gay marriage.” For those promoting the dictatorship of relativism, it is not enough to live and let live. They want to force the rest of us to accept the sinful union of two men or two women as the equivalent of marriage. Under a dictatorship of relativism, there is little room for us to teach and practice our faith. We still have time to resist this dictatorship by prayer and other peaceful means.

Finally, prayers this week for Fr. Ramon. He leaves for the Philippines on Tuesday afternoon and returns to Holy Family on June 5. During these weeks, we will have our regular schedule of Masses and Confessions.

Antes de todo, un Feliz Dia de la Madre a todas las mamás de nuestra comunidad. El Padre Ramon y yo estamos ofreciendo una novena de misas por nuestras propias mamás, que paz descansen, y las de parroquia, vivas o difuntas. Pido oraciones especiales hoy por una mamá preocupada por la salud de su hijita. Se llama Elena Lamb y junta con su esposa está rezando por su bebita, Emma Cora, que nació premaduramente. La foto de ella y David está en la parte inglesa. La foto aquí muestra a Emma con su papá, Francisco Rodriquez. Recen por ellos y todos que están precupados por su hijos.

Durante el mes de mayo tenemos la intercesión especial de nuestra madre comun, la Virgen Maria. El 4 de mayo, los niños de nuestra escuela la coronaron como Reina. En la parte de inglés hay una foto de la coronacion. Por casualidad el dia 4 era el Dia de Apreciación de Pastores. Abajo hay una fotos de los niños de primer grado con su tarjeta de apreciación. Si no expresaron su apreciación a los padres y diaconos, se puede hacerlo en cualquier dia del mes. J

Gracias a todos por su participación en la Peticion Anual Catolica. Como se puede ver en otra parte del boletín, ya hemos superado el número de participantes del año pasado. Nuestra meta actual es 460 compromisos. Entre los compromisos este año, hubo unos sobres sin nombre y dirección. Entiendo que algunos no quieren poner estos datos, pero les aseguro que se usa solamente para los records de la arquidiocesis y la parroquia. No los compartimos con ninguna otra agencia. De hecho, es una forma de protección porque compruebe que uno es miembro activo de la parroquia y arquidiocesis.

El día martes el Padre Ramon se va a las Islas Filipinas hasta el 5 de junio. Durante este tiempo habrá el horario normal de misas y confesiones. Recemos por el Padre Ramon que tenga un buen viaje y buen retorno a la parroquia.