Bulletin (June 10, 2007)

It’s great to have Fr. Ramon back in the parish. He had some rather intense weeks in the Philippines, due to unexpected deaths. Fr. Ramon wound up doing some funerals for relatives and friends. As all of you know, he is a very generous priest in responding to pastoral needs. I missed him a lot the past three weeks. Besides Masses and confessions, there are a hundred and one matters which Fr. Ramon attends to. I am grateful that Archbishop Brunett has extended his assignment as parochial vicar for three years, until 2010. That assignment gives us the basis for doing some solid planning for the coming years.

I mentioned to you that Fr. Ramon might be bringing back a “surprise.” We have been seeking a solution for our Divine Mercy Chapel: a tabernacle which would both protect the Blessed Sacrament and allow for exposition. Before he left for the Philippines, Fr. Ramon told me that he would try to procure a tabernacle which is popular in many churches there. The tabernacle is made of Narra wood, also know as Burmese Rosewood. Narra wood has a natural red hue and is very popular for making fine cabinets. It was quite an effort for Fr. Ramon to bring the tabernacle on the plane. All of us are grateful for this contribution to enhance Eucharistic Adoration here at Holy Family. Todd Aylard is working on installing protective glass and a curtain for the tabernacle door.

This week Fr. Ramon and I will be at the annual Priest Days from Monday through Thursday. This year Archbishop Brunett will be announcing a “Year of Discernment and Commitment” whose goal is that every parish become a “Stewardship Parish.” Several members of the Parish Staff attended the Stewardship Formation Day last week. It is a comprehensive program which involves a call to conversion for all of us. I am looking forward to the Archbishop’s presentation at Ocean Shores. I will keep you informed as our parish staff and consultative bodies enter into this process of discernment and commitment. We have, of course, already implemented many aspects of Parish Stewardship, but we still have a long road ahead of us.

This Sunday is a good moment for individual and family re-commitment. We celebrate the great Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, also known as Corpus Christi. Besides fulfilling the obligation (and joy) of worshiping the Lord at Sunday Mass, the Feast of Corpus Christi is an invitation to Eucharistic Adoration. As we begin summer, the pace of life hopefully slows down a bit. It is a good time to consider giving one hour a week (or more) to prayer before Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Also, when you are near the parish, try to just stop for a short visit.

These are good days to pray for God’s protection and guidance for all our young people. We particularly pray for those who are making transitions, such as our Holy Family eighth graders. While praying for them, we also remember those who are graduating from high school and college. I am proud of the accomplishments of young people from our parish. Our eighth graders did a nice project: they re-painted the map of our nation, adding Alaska and Hawaii. You may have already seen it on the upper playground and parking lot. It is a sign of their desire to be of service and a reminder to the rest of us to pray for our young people.

Speaking of praying for and with young people, you probably noticed the announcement regarding Quo Vadis Days from June 24th to June 27th. I will be one of the priests giving a presentation during those discernment days. If any high school student or high school graduate is interested in attending, please talk to me.

Regarding vocations to the priesthood, our prayers and congratulations for the two men ordained to the priesthood on Saturday: Frs. Gary Lazzeroni and Mel Strazicich. Fr. Strazicich has been a frequent visitor to Holy Family during his years of formation. On June 19 Fr. Mel will be the main celebrant of our 8:30 p.m. Latin Mass. All are welcome to attend. I have posted the full schedule in the vestibule bulletin board.

Finally, a big thank-you to our school parents and members of the Hispanic Community for the wonderful parish carnival last Sunday. I appreciated the participation which represented the diversity of Holy Family. As Mr. Lutz mentions in his column, over a thousand dollars were earned to help our parish and school.

Es lindo tener al Padre Ramón con nostros después de sus vacaciones en las Islas Filipinas. Como se puede ver en mi columna en inglés, nos trajo una bella sorpresa: un tabernáculo hecho de madera narra. Va a ser algo muy especial para la exposición perpetua del Santísimo Sacramento en la Capilla de la Ailbe House.

El Padre Ramón llegó precisamente para participar en las ceremonias de graduación de nuestra escuela parroquial. A causa de “jet lag” estaba cansado y durmió durante mi presentación, que no era gran problema. Pero durante la presentación del Director Glen Lutz (que era más larga que mi presentación) el Padre Ramón no solamente durmió, sino roncó! A pesar de eso la ceremonia fue muy bien. Como se puede ver en la foto, varios de los graduados son de familias de la comunidad hispana.

Esta semana (de lune a jueves) el Padre Ramón y yo estaremos en la reunion anual de los sacerdotes de la arquidiocesis de Seattle. Durante estos días el Padre Flaviano Amatulli estará aquí en la parroquia. No perder sus presentaciones.

Una invitación a jóvenes varones de edad de “High School” y graduados de High School: Habrá días de discernimiento vocacional (“Quo Vadis”) del 24 al 27 de junio. Hay más información en la entrada Roxbury o se puede hablar directamente conmigo.


	Registered Parish Households:			1150
	Pledge Envelopes Returned:	  	 	 501
	% of Participating Households:	 		 44%

	Our Annual Catholic Appeal Goal:		$ 58,048.00
	Amount Pledged to Date:			        $ 59,889.34
	Amount over goal:				$   1,841.34	

As you can see from our results, we have now exceeded our Annual Catholic Appeal goal! Thank you to all who have turned in your envelope. (Please see bulletin insert.) Though this is obviously very good news, I would like to still encourage those of you who have not yet returned an envelope to please do so as there are inevitably some pledges which are not entirely fulfilled. Last year after all pledges were collected, we were still $3,000 short of our goal. Since the parish is still responsible for fulfilling its entire Appeal obligation, any additional amounts pledged over this year’s goal will greatly help us offset any shortfalls. Archbishop Brunett will be sending a follow-up letter the week of June 18 to all those who have not yet responded.

Now that our pledges have passed the archdiocesan goal, I have some very good news. One of our parishioners has made a $7,000 donation in memory of his deceased wife. With that donation, along with your generous support of the Appeal, we will be able to move forward with the renewal of the Sacred Heart – St. Michael the Archangel Prayer Room. We still need to hear from those who have not yet responded because your continued pledges will, as I said, not only help us with any possible shortfalls, but also every contribution above the Annual Appeal Goal will be returned to the parish in the form of a rebate and will be used for other important work here in our parish.

Also, as summer is fast approaching, I would like to encourage you to please not forget the parish while you are on vacation. Typically, our monthly offerings drop off quite a bit during this time. Last year our average monthly collection for the ten months not including June and July was approximately $37,750 (high $48,800, low 30,500). June’s collection was $28,874 and July’s was $27,310. So, as you can see, quite a drop from the average. To assist you in this, parish return envelopes will be available in the vestibule. Please take one to mail your offering to the parish while you are away. Thank you, in advance, for your good stewardship.

Father Bloom