Bulletin (May 8, 2005)

After Christmas and Easter, the day of greatest Mass attendance is Mother’s Day. It makes sense because for most people, their mother played a significant role in communicating not only the gift of life, but the gift of faith. This weekend Fr. Ramon and I are praying for the moms of our parish, that God will give them strength in the great mission he has entrusted to them.

During the past week, Fr. Ramon and I offered a novena of Masses for moms. Obviously we are remembering our own moms who have died in recent years. I miss my mom a lot and no day goes by that I do not think of her. Here are a couple of favorite pictures of my mom. The first shows her with her great granddaughter, Rachael. In the marriage ceremony, the priest or deacon prays that the couple will live to see their children’s children. To see yet another generation seems more than one could ask, but my mom did receive that blessing. I pray that God will similarly bless many of the moms (and dads) of our parish.

The other picture shows my mom and my sister Melanie when they visited me in Peru back in 1989. It was Christmas time, which is summer in the southern hemisphere. I had bought each of them some flowers, and my brother Louis took this picture of us. My dad was also there on that visit. During that visit my parents had the opportunity to meet many Peruvians and to see the needs of the people. From that experience came the impulse to found the Mary Bloom Center, which continues to help the poor in Puno, Peru.

I would like to call your attention to an event that has special significance for moms, but will be of interest to all. On May 21 Rosalind Moss will be at Holy Family Parish in Auburn. Born and raised in a Jewish home, in her adult life, Rosalind set out on a compelling course to find out if the Catholic Church is in fact the Church Christ established. Her talks “The Passover Fulfilled” and “The Father’s Gifts” will speak of her conversion story and her discovery of the Eucharist. Rosalind Moss’s presentation is sponsored by Seattle Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. For further information and to register, call Theresa at 253-852-3627.

Al celebrar hoy (y martes) el Día de la Madre, quisiera felicitar a todas las mamás de nuestra congregación y asegúrales de las oraciones mías, del Padre Ramón, Diacono Abel y todos que trabajan en la parroquia. Muchas veces los matrimonios me preguntan sobre la Planificación Familiar. Lo siguiente puede ser ayuda para planear la familia:

Descubra una forma natural de posponer o evitar un embarazo. Un método moderno de Planificación Natural Familiar (PNF) que ha probado ser 99% efectivo en evitar un embarazo. Usado con éxito considerable por parejas que buscan concebir - aunque previamente no pudieran lograr su embarazo.

El método sintotérmico de PNF se basa en el conocimiento de la fertilidad de la mujer. Usted aprende a reconocer ciertos signos que le indican si se encuentra en un tiempo fértil o infértil. También le enseña cómo utilizar la lactancia ecológica como una manera natural de espaciar los nacimientos. Según va haciendo sus observaciones y anotándolas, usted podrá identificar el período fértil e infértil. Con sólo unos segundos cada mañana para tomar su temperatura al despertar y una serie de observaciones que puede integrar a sus actividades cotidianas, usted tendrá un cuadro completo para confirmar su fertilidad...ES ASÍ DE FÁCIL. ¿Desea ordenarlo?

El costo de El Curso es de US$74.95 y lo puede utilizar durante todos sus años fértiles hasta la menopausia. Compárelo con el costo de los anticonceptivos que tiene que comprar cada semana o cada mes durante muchos años...verá que es económico. Compárelo con los efectos dañinos que el uso de los anticonceptivos pueden causar a su salud y a su matrimonio...no tiene precio.

La Liga de Pareja a Pareja, P.O. Box 111184, Cincinnati, OH 45211-1184 Órdenes vía FAX: 1- 513- 557- 2449 (A cualquier hora) Órdenes por Teléfono: 1- 800-745- 8252 (8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Hora del este) http://planificacionfamiliar.net/cursoestudio.shtml