Bulletin (June 1, 2003)

Next weekend we will observe the fiftieth anniversary of the construction our parish church. We will commemorate this event in several ways. At our weekend Masses we will light the twelve consecration candles. Our parish church was built with the idea of always being a house of worship, that is, of never one day being converted into a gymnasium or multi-purpose facility. It has a singular beauty in its architecture, its marble sanctuary and above all the wonderful stain glass windows. I have been in almost every church in the archdiocese and personally consider that our stain glass windows are the best, both for their beauty and their message. They give not only a history of the Holy Family, but of great saints from major epochs of Church history.

Next weekend we hope to not only commemorate our past, but to look forward to our future. At 10 a.m. in the school hall the Building Commission of our parish council will have a presentation on current state of our buildings and the possibilities for a multi-purpose facility (gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms, etc.). Headed by our parish administrator, Tom Weber, the Building Commission has been working with Architect Kevin Broderick to assess the current needs and make some projections for the future. Please plan on attending this presentation.

Our 11 a.m. Mass will have a school focus. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but there will be some special presentations at that Mass.

To achieve our dreams we of course need to balance our parish budget. These past weeks I have been working with Ed Williams from the Archdiocese, school principal Steven Morissette, bookkeeper Vicente Bolisig, Mr. Tom Swim, Tom Weber and others to develop our 2003-2004 budget. We are making cuts in both school and non-school personnel and programs. These cuts are not easy, but are necessary if we are to move ahead as a parish. I will be presenting this at a joint meeting of our Parish Council, School Commission and Finance Council on June 12.

I thank you for your support of Holy Family Parish. In a special way I am grateful for those whose past sacrifices have made possible our wonderful church and other buildings. I am grateful to those who have responded to present needs – such as the purchase of the property adjacent to our main parking lot.

Archbishop Brunett has reassigned me to another six years as pastor of Holy Family. While only God know the future, I hope to continue to serve you until 2009. The Archdiocesan Review made me aware of many of my defects and limitations. With God’s help I hope to be able to change at least some of them. Overall, I felt a tremendous support and encouragement from Holy Family parishioners. That, together with your prayers, gives me the desire and strength to continue as your pastor.

El próximo fin de semana conmemoramos el 50 aniversario de nuestro templo. Lo observaremos en varias formas. En las misas encenderemos las doce velas de consagración. Nuestro templo fue construido con la idea siempre ser un lugar dedicado a Dios, es decir, no con el plan de convertirlo un día en un gimnasio o edificio de múltiples usos. Tiene una belleza singular en su arquitectura, el mármol del santuario y sobre todo sus vidrios maravillosos. He visitado casi todas las iglesias de la arquidiócesis y considero que nuestros vidrios son los mejores, por su belleza y también su mensaje. Da una historia no solamente de la Sagrada Familia, sino de los grandes santos de toda época de la Iglesia.

El próximo domingo conmemoremos no solamente nuestro pasado, sino mirar al futuro. A las 10 a.m. en el salón, nuestra Comisión de Edificios hará una presentación sobre el estado actual de nuestros edificios y la posibilidad para un edificio de múltiples usos (gimnasio, auditoria, aulas, etc.) Encabezada por nuestro administrador, Tom Weber, la Comisión de Edificios trabaja con el arquitecto Kevin Broderick para determinar las necesidades actuales y hacer unas proyecciones para el futuro. Favor hacer planes para asistir a esta presentación.

Para lograr nuestros sueños tenemos que balancear el presupuesto. En las ultimas semanas he trabajado con varias personas para desarrollar el presupuesto para 2003-2004. Hemos hecho unos cortes, que no son fáciles, sino necesario para avanzar como parroquia. Haré una presentación el 12 de junio para el Consejo Parroquial, Consejo de Finanzas y Comisión de Escuela.

El arzobispo Brunett me ha asignado para otros seis años como párroco. Solo Dios sabe el futuro, pero espero continuar sirviendo a Uds. hasta 2009. La Revisión Aquidiocesana me hizo consciente de mis muchos defectos y limitaciones. Con la ayuda de Dios, espero cambiar algunos de ellos. Pero principalmente sentí el apoyo y animo de los feligreses. Eso, junto con sus oraciones, me da el deseo y fuerza para continuar como su párroco.


You are invited to hear Peter Garrett at St. Monica Church, 4301 88th Ave SE on Mercer Island, Wed., June 25 at 7:30, following 7 pm Rosary and Benediction. The Saint Monica Respect for Life Committee is sponsoring this event. For further information please contact Robin Betz at (425) 222-9589; RobinBetz@attbi.com or Gail Jordan at (206) 232-2284; nancygailseattle1@msn.com