Bulletin (August 31, 2003)

Thank you for your donations last weekend for Deanery Hospital ministry. As you can see from the Stewardship box in our bulletin, $1022 were given in the second collections. Each parish in the South Seattle Deanery is assessed a certain percentage to help support the Catholic chaplains at Virginia Mason, Harborview, Swedish and Providence Hospitals. Also the priests in the Deanery take turns being on-call so that nighttime emergencies can be covered. (I usually take the second Thursday of each month while Fr. Ramon, being younger, takes two or more nights.) A layman works part time to coordinate this ministry. In general I hear positive comments about the pastoral care Catholics receive when hospitalized at downtown hospitals, but if you have concerns or have encountered problems, please let me or Fr. Ramon know so we can report back to our Deanery.

Another vital ministry our Deanery supports is detention ministry, particularly at King County Jail. Having visited jails and prisons, I can testify it is a most difficult, but often very rewarding, ministry. Your contributions to the two-bit collection this weekend will at least indirectly fulfill Jesus’ words, “I was in prison and you visited me.”

As I have mentioned to you, our most prominent parish apostolate is our elementary school. We look forward this week to the return our children. We have a pretty good number, but I wish we had a few more. It is not too late to contact our school office, 767-6640, about the possibility of your child attending Holy Family School.

I know that a lot of our families are held back by tuition costs. We have a small scholarship program which offers some help to the neediest families. It seems most unfair that our parents pay the same taxes as everyone else and receive almost no help from local or national government. Hopefully in the not too distant future there will be vouchers, tax credits or scholarships available. Proponents of “School Choice” argue that it will not only help parents who send their children to parochial schools, but in the long run will strengthen public schools. Here is what one proponent said:

The so-called School Choice Debate centers on whether or not the local and national government should expand the educational options of low-income parents by eliminating tuition cost as a deciding factor for given randomly selected students. This would be done through a system of vouchers, tax credits, or scholarships which would be awarded through a lottery to pre-qualified, low-income students. Such a system would not advocate parochial or private education over public education, but would merely allow these to compete, equally and freely, in the educational marketplace. The net result would be an increase in overall parental choice as to their child's education.

Meanwhile we will be having a Raffle for the support of our School and Church support. The prizes are: $3,000, $1,000 and $500. Tickets cost $2 each or $35 for a book of 20. I am hoping each family will purchase at least one book of tickets. The drawing will be October 31, 8 p.m. in our parish hall. You need not be present to win.


Gracias por sus donaciones para el ministerio de hospitales. $1002 fueron donados en las segunda colectas. Cada parroquia en el Sur de Seattle da un por ciento de sus ingresos para apoyar los capellanes católicos en Virginia Mason, Harborview, Swedish y Providence. También los sacerdotes (incluyendo al Padre Ramón y su servidor) tomamos una noche para responder a emergencias. Un laico coordina este ministerio. En general escucho cosas positivas sobre el cuidado pastoral que pacientes reciben, pero si Ud. ha encontrado problemas, favor avisarme a mí o al Padre Ramón para que podamos informar a nuestro “Deanery.” Otro ministerio esencial es a las cárceles, especialmente King County Jail. Su contribución este fin de semana ira a este ministerio en cumplimiento de las palabras de Jesús, “estuve encarcelado y me visitaste.”

Como les he mencionado, nuestro apostolado más visible es nuestra escuela primaria. Esta semana los niños vuelvan a sus clases. Tenemos un buen numero, pero me gustaría tener unos más. No es tan tarde para contactar la oficina de la escuela, 767-6640, sobre la posibilidad que su hijo asista a la Escuela de Sagrada Familia.

Mientras tanto, tendremos una rifa para apoyar nuestra escuela y parroquia. Los premios son: $3,000, $1,000 y $500. Los boletos cuestan $2 or $35 por un librito de 20. Espero que toda familia compré al menos un librito. La rifa se llevará a cabo 3l de octubre a las 8 p.m. en el salon parroquial.