Bulletin (October 23, 2005)

This Sunday we formally inaugurate our Parish Stewardship Campaign with a special prayer, which we will say together at the conclusion of the General Intercessions. It is a beautiful little prayer that expresses our gratitude to God and asks his help that we might become the “Good Samaritans” that our parish and world needs. We will use this prayer for the next four Sundays. Each Sunday will contain a particular element of the Campaign:

• October 29-30: Invitation to support, pray for and participate in Volunteer Ministries • November 5-6: Witness Speakers at all Masses • November 12-13: Commitment Sunday • November 19-20:Thank you & Follow-Up

This Sunday I would like to offer some helps to your own consideration of Parish Stewardship. The first is our Annual Financial Report. It summarizes our parish income and expenses between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005. A lot of work has gone into this report – not only our office and school staff, but also Mr. Ed Williams, Director of Parish Financial Services, helped us put together a report that gives an accurate snapshot of our finances during the past fiscal year. It shows your stewardship at work and how we utilized the economic resources that you entrusted to us. I encourage you to pick up a copy, to take it home, and if you have any questions, to contact me or parish administrator, Gary Samaniego. In asking you to be good stewards, we strive ourselves to be the best possible stewards of your trust.

To better understand the Annual Report, I would like to make a few observations. The first category, Collection Revenues, ($566,813) includes a little bit more than just Sunday and Holy Day Collections. For example, we had a number of two-bit collections in the course of the fiscal year that went toward specific parish assessments: the collections for deanery hospital and prison ministries, which are a budgeted responsibility for all the parishes in the South Seattle Deanery. It also includes collections, which were taken up during Spanish weekday Masses, quinceañeras, baptisms and wedding celebrations. These collections are taken up on the ancient principle that one must shoot ducks while they are flying – or go hungry. When you subtract these collections, the parish “ordinary income” (Sunday and Holy Day collections) comes to $548,045.

The category of Gifts and Donations ($106,572) refers mainly to donations made at the time of sacramental celebrations: the contributions given at the time of funerals, weddings, baptisms, quinceañeras, etc. (as opposed to collections taken during those liturgies included in the previous paragraph). It also includes stipends given upon requesting a Mass for a deceased loved one or for a special intention. Various blessings (cars, homes, etc.) also figure into this total. As you know, Holy Family Parish has great sacramental vitality, and it is reflected in people’s generosity at those times.

Our Parents’ Club works hard to support our parish school. That is shown in the eighty thousand dollar donation from them last year. The parents raised this money through the auction, Scrip, Innisbrook sales and other fundraisers. Other groups, such as our Hispanic Social Activities, Prayer Group, Youth Group and Christian Family Movement, also hold fundraisers. St. Martha’s Sodality held a number of fundraisers such as selling Krispy Kreme Donuts and hosting the parish picnic. The Father Corapi retreat turned out to be a major fundraiser for our parish. Those, and other proceeds, are reflected in “All Other Income Sources” ($91,277).

The expense side of the financial statement is fairly self-explanatory. Almost three quarters of our expenses are for school and parish personnel. As Dominic Parmantier brought out in his presentation earlier this month, we have had to reduce personnel during recent years. We really need an additional $200,000 to have adequate staff and programs in our school and overall parish. I know that many of you have already increased your weekly financial commitment and that others are considering that increase as we enter into our annual Parish Stewardship.

I included in the Annual Report one unfunded expense: Depreciation. Those who do our parish accounting calculate that our buildings depreciate at a value of about $57,516 each year. That means we should be setting aside that amount of money each year as part of a realistic budget. Of course, we have not been able to do that. In fact, last year we had to take out a loan from the Archdiocese in order to balance our budget.

These figures can seem quite challenging – and, of course, they are. But I believe we can look at them in a different way. When Bishop Eusebio visited us, he said he did not like to speak about “challenges,” but rather, about opportunities. Well, we have some great opportunities here at Holy Family. They call for our response of time, abilities, prayer and financial resources. We will be explaining this in greater depth during the next four weeks of Parish Stewardship.

Most of you probably remember Fr. Ed White, who was ordained last June and has been with us on many occasions. Fr. White will give a presentation concerning “humanity’s creation as an image of the Trinity and how that image is corrupted through contraception,” next Saturday, October 29, at 10am at Blessed Sacrament Church in the University District. For more information, contact Monica Bernstein at 425-424-1235.

Speaking of human life concerns, this Sunday I am making available the final essay from the U.S. Bishops’ Conference: The Gospel of Life and Its Great Example. This article by Helen M. Alvaré sums up the message contained in the previous five essays. I highly recommend it.

With all of our other concerns, we should not forget the needs of our brothers and sisters in mission countries. News stories about the earthquake in Pakistan and the hurricane in the Caribbean make us vitally aware of the suffering of others. Missionaries – priests, sisters, laypeople, local catechists – are in the front lines when natural disasters devastate people’s lives. Your Mission Sunday contribution supports their works of evangelization and mercy.

Finally, we have dates for Confirmation. Bishop Joseph Tyson will confirm young people at the 11am Mass on May 28, 2006. Earlier that month (May 15), Bishop Eusebio Elizondo will celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in Spanish. I invite all those who will be sixteen or older in the spring to participate in the preparation for this great sacrament.

Este domingo inauguramos nuestra Campaña de Mayordomía Parroquial con una oración que diremos juntos a la conclusión de las intercesiones. Es una bella oración que expresa nuestra gratitud a Dios y pide su ayuda que seamos “Buenos Samaritanos: que nuestra parroquia y mundo necesitan. Usaremos esta oración durante las próximos cuatro domingos. Cada domingo habrá un elemento particular de la campaña.

• 29-30 octubre: Invitación a apoyar, rezar y participar en Ministerios Voluntarios • 5-6 noviembre: Testimonios durante todas las misas • 12-3 noviembre: Domingo de Compromiso • 19-20 noviembre: Agradecimiento y Seguimiento

Este domingo les ofrezco una ayuda para su consideración de Mayordomía: el Reporte Anual Financiero. Da resumen de los ingresos y gastos entre el 1ero de julio de 2004 y el 30 de junio de 2005. Favor de recoger una copia al salir del templo. En mi columna en ingles, doy una explicación de unos detalles del reporte. Representa los ingresos de primeras colectas, actividades para recaudar fondos, colegiatura, etc. Estoy muy agradecido por el apoyo y trabajo de todos para que nuestra parroquia siga adelante en su misión. 1