"devil is asserting his power"

From: John A. Quilici
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Subject: Boston Scandal

Father Bloom:

Just read your reply to Peter. I was impressed.

What I wanted to say was that this may be a time when the devil is asserting his power to crush Mary, the Church, as I am sure the press will make the most of attacking the Her, the Church, and her teachings and policies. Would like to recommend to you that you try to get your parishioners to say the Rosary for the church. The Scourging that will come. The taunts and the Crowning with Thorns. Also, would like to recommend the Fifth Joyful Mystery for your perusal as to those who would attack the Church and those who participate in this scandal to search for and find Jesus who seems to be lost to them. You might then run to the Resurrection and let them know that the love Of God is Risen for them and that they just have to look like Mary did to see that this is so. That they might accept the Risen Christ is what we all need to pray for. If these thoughts might spur a sermon feel free to expand on them. Will follow your sermons to see if they do.

Father Bloom, God Bless You and keep you faithful to Him. I am sorry for taking up so much of your space.

Love in Christ,

John A. Quilici

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