"we must adopt them"

From: Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002
Subject: Reply to the Boston Scandal ( Pedophilia )


Well I live near Boston,And all of us of course are upset by the scandal.But I will say this.It only goes to show the people that all Priests are human too. I have been telling people for years...you want Holy Priests, then we must adopt them and pray for them...That they be Holy...I also believe that we should begin saying the prayer to st. Micheal after the Mass, like we did when I was young ( Iam 56) I believe it was Pope Leo who had the vision of that.I wonder why the Church stopped it??No matter,

I would like to tell the gentleman who is complaining about Boston and our Church as a whole,"Why don't you stop compaining about the Priests and why don't you start praying and adopting them?"The thing is,Let he is who free of sin, be the first to cast the stone! " Iam not saying that Pedophilia is right by any means,"NO" it is not.But instead of casting the 1st stone,let us also look at ourselves and the wrongs we have done.Our church is in great trial right now,she is in her Calvary, and aren't we in very good company, I believe Jesus was also in Calvary and in the end he was "Resurrected", and So shall our chruch be!..Thats all. I just had to reply to this man.I just found your site and it seem to be the 1st article that I came across.Thanks and bless your beautiful site.



Thank you NanaJoanne! Please include me among the priest you pray for. I made that request of the Holy Family congregation last nite: /holythursdayhomily.html

I am chaplain for a group called Courage (men and women with same sex attractions who are struggling to live Jesus' teaching on chastity). They say the prayer to St. Michael at their weekly meetings. I agree we should be saying it more.

God bless - and have a beautiful Easter!

Fr. Bloom

P.S. You and I are about the same vintage. Remember Jesus' saying about the "old wine being better."

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