Let’s start with some good news.  Last week our parish Capital Campaign broke the half million dollar mark!  In the Stewardship corner of the bulletin you can see the results to date.  I would like to thank the 561 families (and parish groups) who have contributed to the Campaign.  Please keep up your good work.  The Campaign has made possible many improvements to our parish, including the church and school roofs, church bathrooms, school seismic reinforcements and other necessary work.  Thanks to your support, we are able to advance with the renovation of the ground floor of our school building and repair the sound system of our church.  Last Sunday we had a reception for new parishioners to invite them to a deeper participation in our parish life, including the Campaign.  We will have a similar reception this Sunday for Spanish speaking parishioners.


As Dominic Parmantier mentioned in his presentation, we are still a long way from where we need to be to accomplish the necessary repairs and renovation of our buildings and parking lots.  I am grateful that volunteers have accomplished some of this work, such as the new roof.  Also the Bradley lot was filled free of charge to the parish.


We had a beautiful event last Saturday which brought together a cross section of our parish community.  About sixty people participated in the annual Cathedral Walk.  The picture, taken by school Principal Mr. Glen Lutz, shows the group after the 11 a.m. Mass at the Lady Chapel of St. James Cathedral.  I want to thank all those who gave financial support for this Walk:  a total of $607 was donated, which will be divided between our parish Birthright and the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. 


I want to thank those who filled out the surveys regarding the celebration of Sunday Mass in our parish.  They were a good help in preparing for the Liturgy Orientation Day (yesterday).  I am grateful to all those who work so hard to make our weekend Masses


beautiful:  choirs, lectors, extraordinary ministers of Communion, sacristans, ushers, servers – and many others.  Even though the Mass is ultimately the work of Jesus – it is his sacrifice, his Body and Blood – we are called to do our part.  The word liturgy means “work of the people.”  We must do all we can to prepare for and open our hearts to receive the Lord’s great gifts. 


You have probably heard the saying:  “If they hand you a lemon, make lemonade.”  We have been handed a lemon in the form of The DaVinci Code – a novel which has sold forty million copies and will be released as a movie in May.  It makes claims about Jesus, the Bible, St. Mary Magdalene and the Catholic Church which are ludicrous, but which many people have believed because the work of fiction has been presented as “well researched history.”  You do not need to be a history or an art major to get some basic facts you can use to help your friends and family understand the truth.  Next Sunday I will make available the book The DaVinci Deception (100 Questions about the Facts and Fiction of The DaVinci Code).  It answers questions such as:  What is the DaVinci Code?  Where does author Dan Brown get his information?  What is the big deal about “the sacred feminine”? What are the Gnostic gospels?  Is it true that before the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 that Christians believed Jesus was just a man, not the divine Son of God?  How do we know the New Testament we have today is an accurate representation of the original New Testament?  What do we really know about Mary Magdalene? 


A week from this Saturday, the co-author of The DaVinci Deception will be with us.  We have scheduled Catholic author and apologist Mark Shea for a Lenten Retreat on April 8.  For only ten dollars, you can learn the true (and much more exiting) story about Jesus and what he offers us through his Church.  Don’t miss this event.


On Monday Fr. Ramon will be traveling to the Philippines for a short visit to his family.  We wish him a safe trip and enjoyable stay.  Fr. Velasco will return to Holy Family on April 5. 


The Aquinas Book Store in Kirkland has received a new shipment of crucifixes from Slovakia.  I included a picture of one of them.  Consider visiting that excellent Catholic bookstore and gift shop before Holy Week. 


Final note:  I have posted the minutes from our March parish council meeting.  They contain important information about the parish budget and priorities, as well as decisions which will impact the future of our parish and its school.  Please take the time to read these minutes.






Como pueden ver bajo “Stewardship” (Mayordomía) ya hemos colectado más de medio millón de dólares para la Campaña Capital.  Estoy muy agradecido a todas las familias que están participando en este esfuerzo para reparar y renovar nuestros edificios y estacionamiento.  Todavía estamos lejos de nuestra meta.  Este domingo habrá una presentación especial dada por Víctor Ramírez y también una recepción para nuevos miembros de la parroquia, después de la misa de 9:30. 


Quisiera agradecer a todos que hayan participado en la Caminata a la Catedral.  Como se puede ver de las fotos, hubo jóvenes y adultos, abuelitos y niños.  Gracias a todos que hicieron contribuciones:  un total de $607 que se divide entre “Birthright” (Derecho de Nacer) y el Centro Mary Bloom.  Las dos organizaciones ayudan a madres en embarazos de crisis.


El día lunes, el padre Ramón viaja a las Islas Filipinas para una visita breve a su familia.  El Padre Velasco regresa a Holy Family el 5 de abril