Major Robert D. Lindenau Tutoring Project

(Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru; October 2010 - with delegates from Washington State)

October 2, visit to Floating Islands (Uros) with Obst. Luz Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center) & children of Bob Lindenau Tutoring Program

Puno, returning from Uros

Tom, Rodger & Jorge buying wood for project with Bob Lindenau children

Rodger & Jorge inspecting wood

Tom & Rodger making measurements

tools and cut wood at Mary Bloom Center, ready for carpentry project

Mary Bloom Center, Yesica showing "lap desk" after completing intial sanding

David, Alexander (Luci´s oldest son) and Dan showing assembled night stand

Rodger showing Elvis & Aurelio how to cut legs for night stands

Gian Marco, Brian, Aurelio & Elvis cutting support blocks for night stands

Jorge & Michael overseeing preparation of support blocks

Gleyser & Jesus - children sanding legs for night stands

October 5, second day of carpentry project, David showing Alexander how to construct a leg with support for night stand

Alexander, David & Rodger at work with Bob Lindenau boys: Gilmer, Juan Elias, Juan Jaime

night stands finished (18)

Julia, Alexander & Dan finishing night stands

two brothers & sister receiving night stand

Leah & Obst. Marisol showing Maria & Leydi how to weave bracelets

Berta & Norma

Leah, Roxana & Berta fitting me for friendship bracelet

Julia with Hayde & Maria

with Stefani y Yesica

Maria, Fr. B & Ayde

with Wiliam

girls who won penmanship contest to write children´s names on lap desks: Yesica & Roxana

toys, clothes, tooth brushes and other gifts brought by delegation

Bob Lindenau children enjoying snack of chicken & rice

presentation of lap desks

Orestes, Wilson, Roxana & Yesica receiving penmanship prizes (they wrote individual names on the 42 lap desks)

Wiliam receiving his lap desk

Janet & Alexandra

Julia & Leydi

Leah & Margot

Janet & Elvis

Julia, Alexander & Padre Felipe

Leah & Daniela

Bob Lindenau children receiving tutoring

Bob Lindenau children enjoying meal at the end of tutoring session

Maria receiving medicine for pre-cancer condition

Nancy presenting report on Bob Lindenau tutoring program

Mass with Bob Lindenau children and delegation

anointing of Leah

anointing of other adults

Prayers of Faithful



presentation of gifts from delegation members: David


Pictures from 2012 Summer School with Bob Lindenau Children

Pictures from Peru
(January 2012)

2010 Visit



Original Tutoring Project (Supported by John Sessions Family - 2008 at Mary Bloom Center)


Earthquake Relief, 2007

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National Encounter of Lay Catholics (August 8-10, 2003, Puno)

Pictures from Oct - Nov 2001 Visit (with Fr. Bill McKee and St. John Parishioners)

Pictures of Earthquake Relief (October 22, 2001; Saguaya)

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Picture of Baby Francisca

Letter from Georgina

Pictures from Visit of Frs. Narciso & Faustino (February 2001)

Pictures from June-August 1998 (by Denis Bruneau)

Can you help this child? (Photo by Lucrecia Perez)

Mary Bloom Staff and Volunteers with Banner (May 1999)

Pictures of Visit of Luz Marron and Melani to Holy Family (March 2002)

1997 Visit

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Mary Bloom in Peru.
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Nuevo Centro. (Inagurado 26 de junio de 1998)

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Inauguración del Nuevo Centro (Obispo Carrión, 26 de junio de 1998)

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