Blessing of Tice Hall

(Holy Family Parish Seattle, September 21, 2006)

Deacon Ted Wiese

Fr. Ramón Velasco, Leann, Sr. Joyce and other guests

Principal Glen Lutz with Frank and Betty Buty

Fr. Ramón, Ha, Lynn, Leann, Bob & Dorothy, Nell, Doris & Deacon Ted

Lou and Diane Tice

Fr. Bloom presenting Lou and Diane thank you's from Holy Family students

Parents Club President James Donohue receiving holy card with pledge of monthly Mass for donors and families

Blessing of Hall

Sr. Joyce Sox quotes Bill Gates on importance of Catholic Schools

Principal Glen Lutz thanks donors

(videos by Todd Aylard)


Pictures from Hall Construction (July 2, 2006)

July 16 Pictures

July 30 (scroll to bottom)

Repair of South Portable

More information on Holy Family Parish

Holy Family Seventh Grade at 2006 March for Life



Ordination of Deacon Abel

Pictures of Ordination to Fr. Derek Lappe

First Mass of Fr. Armando Perez of Fr. Armando (June 9, 2002, Holy Family)

Fr. Peter Mactuti

Easter Vigil at Holy Family