"One More Urban Rumor"


I do not understand how your commentary on Carl Sagan can possibly answer the question "Does God Exist?" The only honest answer you can give is; I believe God exists, but I can provide no experimental evidence this side of the grave.

I enjoyed Dave Stark's reply. I too have heard that the Pope did cautioned scientists not to study the big bang. At first I was a little shocked because it seemed like a stricture against watching your parents go at it in bed. Then I remembered he was talking about a Trinity. That would be pretty gross and you certainly don't want to upset those three. They might pull a few tricks out of the Old Testament bag: fire and brimstone, pillars of salt, plagues of grasshoppers, etc. I don't have a definitive reference for the statement, so it may be one more urban rumor. However, it is so funny I hope it is true.

You obviously know something about the internet, so it won't be difficult to learn as much as you need to about singularities in mathematical physics. They have occurred before in other applications and ways around have been found. We will find ways around again as we get closer and closer to understanding what happened at time =0.

Don't take any of this stuff too seriously man. If you are right you will go to heaven and I will go to hell. I'm sure we will both be happier not having to suffer each others company.

John A. Gribik Ph.D, P.E.

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