Re: Bicentennial Man

Fox, Larry/SEA wrote:

You hit the nail on the head!

I was forced to watch the movie and afterwards was asked to comment on it.

I identified how on several levels Hollywood injected their usual anti-Catholic bias.

It is amazing how everyone who makes tragic moral decision are Catholic. It is not a priest who comes to the death bed of these (Catholics) but a machine. In essence, Andrew functioned for three Catholic generations as priest and consoler.

What defined humanity or man's dignity? The ability to die! From scripture we know that God did not intend death for humanity and it is the consequence of sin. In essence, the program denied the immortality of the human soul made in the image and likeness of the immortal God!

Other hot button issues interwoven into the movie were:

What constitutes a valid marriage? A machine and a woman, then why not two men or two women?

If to die is human then there must be Death with dignity? It reminded me of that vile song by Deborah Harrah(SP) "Die young and stay pretty!"