Baptism of Mary Melania Palacios

Denis & children decorating the baptismal font

Luz Marron and Jorge Palacios with children before the baptism.

Welcoming Mary Melania with the Sign of the Cross

Pre-baptismal anointing

Imposition of Hands

Baptism of Mary Melania, Nov. 7, 1997, Immaculate Conception Church, Puno. L-R: Jorge Palacios (uncle), Cesar Palacios (dad), Luz Marron (mom), Liane Bruneau (godmother), Lucrecia Perez (in background).

Clothing with the White Garment (by mom and godmother).

Exhortation after Baptism.

Lighting the Baptismal Candle.

Blessing of Mother.

Mary Melania with Dad and myself after Baptism.

Group foto after the baptism

Luz, Mary & myself after the baptism.