Name ____________________________________ Telephone __________________________

Stewardship of Time Prayer (A = active; I = interested)

__Weekend Mass (Sunday obligation): A I

__20 in morning: A I

__20 in evening: A I

__Parish Prayer Line: A I

__Rosary: A I

__Daily Mass: A I

__Retreat: A I

__Liturgy of Hours: A I

__Scripture (lectio divina): A I

__Daily Examen: A I

__Confession: A I

__Divine Mercy Chaplet: A I

__Divine Mercy Novena: A I

__Javelins: A I

__Adult/Family Serve at Mass

__33 Days to Morning Glory (begin May 11)

__Flock Notes: (your email ___________________________________________________)

__Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour: (__Saturday evening, 6-9; __Saturday night, 9 to midnight; __Midnight to 3 am; __3 am to 6 am; __6 am to 8 am)