Fr Phillip Bloom – begun January 22, 2013 (updated May 2014)


1        Sanctify:  Prepare, administer and evaluate the celebration of sacraments, spiritual direction and healing ministry to equip parishioners for spiritual combat.

·         SMART Goal: Recruit 5-10 families/adults to serve weekend English Masses by November 30, 2014

·         SMART Goal:  Recruit 100 households for structured prayer commitment by Dec 15, 2014 (tabulate the Stewardship of Time cards; promote 33 Days to Morning Glory, Eucharistic Adoration, etc.)

·         SMART Goal: Recruit 30-50 parish leaders and liturgical ministers to promote a reverent, focused and worshipful celebration of Mass provides the source and summit for our efforts to become a welcoming parish (particularly for young families and youth) that forms disciples and reaches out to the lost – by May 24, 2015.  Begin by meeting with Andrew Casad, May 15, 2014.   


2.      Govern: Encourage, strengthen and organize staff and parishioners to experience Christ’s transforming power.

·         SMART Goal:  Communicate staff KRA’s and SMART Goals to parish council by November 14, 2014.

·         SMART Goal: Sponsor a Rebuilt Pilot Team to discern steps we will take by September 30, 2014.

·         SMART Goal:  Form a Parish Leadership Team according to Fraternal Forum guidelines by November 30, 2014.

·         SMART Goal:  Select two staff members to participate in “Tending the Talents” and help guide & implement their learning by May 31, 2015.



3.      Teach: Discern, utilize and evaluate teaching moments so we can take advantage of all opportunities to proclaim Christ.

·         SMART Goal: Sponsor a World Youth Day Team to take 10-20 youth to Krakow by July 2016 (initial meeting July 31, 2014)

·         SMART Goal:  Work with Kathy to evaluate and develop Generations of Faith by May 2015


4.      Mission to Peru: Support, direct and publicize the work of the Mary Bloom Center so parishioners, family and friends will appreciate their connection to children and families in Peru.

·         SMART Goal: Formulate KRA’s for Mary Bloom Center staff and communicate to Mel Bloom Board by July 28, 2014

·         SMART Goal: Recruit 10-20 for Peru Pilgrimage by January 11, 2015


5.      Personal Well Being: Strengthen, implement and evaluate a plan for physical and spiritual wellbeing so that I can serve people with integrity and energy.

·         SMART Goal:  Attend 9 Jesus Caritas meetings from May 2014 through May 2015