Dear Fr. Bloom,

During 1997 JP 2 made an ex cathedra ? infallible statement saying the church has no authority to ordain women to the priesthood. Where can I read a copy of this?
Also I read on a newswire that one of the first women priest's in the Church of england has converted to Roman Catholicism. Where can I get a copy of that?

Thank you,


ps go JHNEWMAN where are you today that we need you?


Dear Jon,

If you go to my website, scroll down to " Women Priests?" you will find when you click on that an article which in the first paragraph has links to the pope's statement as well as a further clarification of its authority by Cardinal Ratzinger. I also saw the article about the woman who was ordained in the Anglican Church but later became a Catholic, altho I am not sure where to find it now. I imagine if you look in certain search engines with key words like Anglican women priests you might eventually find it.
Good luck, Jon. Let me know if this is successful.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom