"Thanks for Proving My Point"

I would like to comment that I have never in my life read such a pile of rubbish concerning the issue of women's ordination in the RC Church (typical that you're a priest and have NO idea what your talking about)!

The issue is much deeper than simply that of to ordain or not to ordain. What we have today is a church whose history, theology and practice has been recorded and constructed by men, to the detriment of the views, values and interests of women. While on one level women are prohibited from the ministry of the sacraments, on a more alarming level they are excluded from the decisions made within the church, decisions which directly affect them particularly when you consider that they sometimes concern women’s bodies. Women have no autonomy within the Church because they are systematically excluded from its higher workings; they continue to be subordinate to men because their views and experiences are not represented, they are therefore marginalised and made invisible. The only role models we have are either virgins or whores (just the way the church would like to view them). Women are consistently referred to and equated with their reproductive capacity.

Please remember that in many things today the church has no real power in the everyday lives of its laity - it has lost its teaching authority. One only has to look at the issue of contraception to see this. Indeed the church's sacramental authority is as strong as ever, but is this enough? Religion is a feudal system with power flowing from the top down. The only power that laity has is that religion cannot function without them - therefore the only constructive power the laity has is to leave.

Thank you for proving my point that the Church needs women priests

Claire Hay


Dear Claire,

Your email arrived on my 29th ordination anniversary. It did bring a small smile to my face.

A couple of observations: First, we must be doing something right because women have been and continue to be attracted to the Church - and see her as their best ally.* And where they want to put their energies. My challenge as a priest has been reaching the men.

Second the Church has provided roles of responsibility for women. Female heads of schools and hospitals have been almost exclusively in Catholic institutions. And how many women are in charge of them now with the demise of religious orders?

Third, is equality the deepest part of our nature? I am thrilled that many men and women are superior to me. And I bet you are too. As C.S. Lewis said, "we are not made for equality, but for obedience and worship."

Some thoughts. Prayers. And blessings for the New Year.

Fr. Phil Bloom

*Particularly true regarding opposition to contraception. Has it been a blessing to women - or a license for irresponsible males?

P.S. Who ever proposed whores as role models?


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